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Rabbi Leiby Burnham

Man vs. Monkey

January 17, 2008, by

I had always considered sending my children to Duke University, but now I think I may just send them to the zoo instead. A study by Duke researchers indicates that the monkeys perform just as well as college students at mental addition. I guess I can open that jar we’ve been keeping in the cupboard

Don’t Be a Big…

December 6, 2007, by

Do you know who made the world’s biggest flag ever? Do you care? Well, I’ll tell you, in any case. It was an Israeli flag, and it was completed just recently, on Nov. 25, 2007. It was 2,165 feet long, 330 feet wide, and it was made of 5.7 tons of white and blue cloth.

Giving Intangible Gifts

November 29, 2007, by

Black Friday. The day that dreams begin to come true. The most intense shopping day of the year. The day that stores open at 4 AM to long lines of people who have been waiting outside in the frigid cold for hours, with parking lots converted into campgrounds. The day on which hopes will be

20 Things I Love About Israel

September 25, 2007, by

1. Being able to speak to G-d on a local call. There is simply no place in the world, with the palpable sanctity of the Kotel, Home of G-d. 2. The fact that Israel, like G-d, gives the Right of Return to all Jews regardless of background, denomination, race, ethnicity, or economic strata. 3. The

Finding Meaning in Apples and Honey

September 6, 2007, by

It seems like every year I get the same feeling. It’s a few days before Rosh Hashanah and suddenly I’m caught up in a frenzy of emotions. I want as much as possible to be ready for this awesome festival, yet I find myself struggling to remember what it is all about. I remember speeches

Living In a Glass House

September 5, 2007, by

New Canaan was a quiet, lazy town in the southwestern Connecticut until the late 40’s when the Harvard Five descended on the town. The Harvard Five was a group of teachers and students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design who all felt strongly influenced by Professor Walter Gropius. Gropius was one of the pioneers

The Action Revolution of 2007

August 29, 2007, by

The details in the following story are not necessarily true, but for all I know, they might be. Last names have been left out to protect the ??? The sky was darkening outside as Günter dragged the last bite of his porterhouse steak across his sauce belle aurore laden plate. Shoving it into one corner

Why We Learn Gemara

August 16, 2007, by

At the 1994 annual awards dinner given by the American Association for Forensic Science, AAFS president, Don Harper Mills, astounded his audience in San Diego with the legal complications of a bizarre death. Here’s the story: On March 23, 1994, a medical examiner viewed the body of Ronald Opus and concluded that he died from

Fiery Speeches

July 11, 2007, by

The basic history is true; embellishments have been made for your reading pleasure. Two thousand years ago, deep in the Lanzhou Province of China, a crew of twelve men tended the rice fields of Siang Heung Toi fourteen kilometers from the nearest village. Toi was a ruthless feudal lord, and would not hesitate to lop

The Destiny of Free Will

June 28, 2007, by

Early afternoon found me in one of my favorite places in Israel – a cab – returning from my very favorite place in Israel – the Western Wall. As we wove through Jerusalem’s diverse neighborhoods, we passed ancient buildings with centuries of history adjacent to modern commercial buildings, yet, somehow, the scene was not incongruous