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Rabbi Leiby Burnham

Museum of You

September 18, 2008, by

Rummaging through your basement is like going to the Museum of You. You can browse through artifacts from the different eras of your life, and see how you have evolved from a homo dependent, to a homo adolescent, (the stage at which you are still totally dependent, but think that you are independent) all the

The Counterfeit Self

September 10, 2008, by

Cognitive dissonance hung heavy in the humid air. The people of Maranello, Italy were unsettled. A fire-engine red Ferrari had been driving through town all morning causing quite a racket. Usually, the snarling growl of a Ferrari didn’t bother the people of Maranello, au contraire, it was sweet music to their ears. Ever proud of

Smile, You’re a Movie Star!

August 28, 2008, by

Steve Barkley was minding his own business. Cruising down the interstate near Campbell, CA, he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Depressing the gas pedal, he goaded his brand new Porsche 911 to lap up the pavement with increased urgency. The roof was lowered, the wind was rushing through his hair, and Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture boomed in

As the City Burned

August 7, 2008, by

The following story is true, however the names and details have been fictionalized. The pounding in Shlomo’s head wouldn’t stop, but it was easily drowned out by the pain in his heart. The city lay in flaming ruins; human corpses were lying all around him, rotting in the searing midday sun. He hadn’t eaten anything

Tales From Inside The Taxi

July 17, 2008, by

We reached our destination, but I was not ready to get out. “Please just leave the meter running and keep talking,” I asked my cab driver. Those words are a dream come true to any Israeli cab driver, and mine was only too happy to oblige. So we pulled over to the side of the

Take the Lead

June 5, 2008, by

Shavuot is just around the corner, and most of us are trying to remember what it is exactly that we are supposed to gain from the holiday. We know that it commemorates the day the Torah was given to the Jews on Mt. Sinai, but that is where we go blank. On Pesach we recreate

The Year: 2037

May 1, 2008, by

Rachel awakes at 7:10 AM sharp to a small tingling sensation in her left calf. She really doesn’t want to get out of bed, but she knows that in a few minutes the small electrode planted in her calf will start giving her micro electric shocks if she doesn’t get up. It can tell exactly

Make Your Sheep Count!

April 17, 2008, by

What is unique about sheep? They play a prominent role in the Pesach story and its commemorative commandments. Starting back in Egypt, G-d tells Moshe that each Jewish family should take a sheep and keep it in their care for four days before offering it as a sacrifice on the night of the Exodus. The

Tapping the Power of Purim

March 19, 2008, by

Purim is a perennial favorite. It’s clearly one of the most fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. We get dressed up in ridiculous costumes, dance in the synagogue for hours, eat Hamentashen, and maybe even have an extra L’chaim or two…or three. But what exactly should one try to take out of this holiday? How

You Tube Is Watching

February 20, 2008, by

The story below is true and was reported by the Associated Press. However some slight embellishments were made for heightened enjoyment. A new menace has been striking fear in the hearts of the kindly citizens of northern New Jersey but, due to YouTube, that menace may soon be brought to justice. (YouTube is the most