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OU Staff

Purim Celebrations Cancelled in Brussels

March 23, 2016, by

From YNet: Following the attacks at the airport and subway station in Brussels Tuesday morning, the Jewish community has cancelled its Purim celebrations at the behest of the police. Over a thousand members of the Jewish community were supposed to attend the megillah reading (reading of the Book of Esther – ed.) at the Great

Teen Arrested for Drawing Swastika in Cedarhurst, NY

March 22, 2016, by

From the JTA: A suburban New York teen was arrested for drawing two swastikas on the sidewalk in a heavily Jewish community. The swastikas were discovered earlier this month two blocks apart in Cedarhurst, a town on Long Island, New York. Children who saw the swastikas on the sidewalk on their way to school on March 7

Final Group of Jews from Yemen Airlifted to Israel in Secret Mission

March 21, 2016, by

From the JTA: A group of the last remaining Jews from Yemen arrived in Israel in a secret operation coordinated by the Jewish Agency for Israel. The 19 Jews who arrived Sunday include 14 from Raydah, including the community’s rabbi, and a family of five from Sanaa, the capital. The rabbi brought with him a

In Destitute Gaza, Hamas Rides World’s Goodwill All the Way to the Bank

March 17, 2016, by

From the Times of Israel: There’s been a lot of talk in the international media about the slow pace of rebuilding in the Gaza Strip, where some 100,000 people still don’t have housing following the summer 2014 war between the IDF and Hamas-led groups in Gaza. But what most people haven’t heard is that new

After 5 Years of Civil War, Syrian Refugee Thanks Israelis and Jews For Being “True Friends”

March 17, 2016, by

From the Tower.org: Syrian refugee Aboud Dandachi wrote an essay Monday in Tablet in which he expressed gratitude to his “true friends,” including Jewish and Israeli people and organization who have assisted him and other refugees. Dandachi, a former high-tech worker who created a website called Thank You Am Israel, wrote appreciatively that it “is astonishing, absolutely astonishing,

Seattle Jew in Line to Be First Sephardic Jew Granted Spanish Citizenship

March 17, 2016, by

From the Seattle Times: Seattleite Doreen Alhadeff got back from Spain on Feb. 15 with a historic accomplishment in hand: She had become the first American — and now one of only seven people in the world — to reach the final stage of a process that allows Sephardic Jews to become Spanish citizens. A

America’s Proudest Shabbos Goys?

March 17, 2016, by

The JTA has this lovely story about several shop-owners in Kew Garden Hills, NY, who are known happily as Shabbos Goys. For Samir Patel, the term “goy” is no slur. It’s a point of pride. Patel is a manager of Suhag Wine & Liquors, a family-owned business in the heavily Orthodox neighborhood of Kew Gardens Hills, in

Anti-Semitic Slogans, Swastikas Painted on Synagogue in France

March 15, 2016, by

From the JTA: Unidentified individuals painted anti-Semitic slogans and swastikas on a synagogue in the French city of Verdun but failed to break in. Congregants discovered the vandalism on Saturday morning, Jean Blacharz, the local community’s vice president, told the L’Est Républicain daily. He added that the incident was the first of its kind in recent memory in Verdun,

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