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Yachad Israel Brings Joy (and Pizza) to Army Bases Across Israel

November 12, 2015, by

On November 10, members of an Israeli army base came face-to-face with people they were protecting in Israel. And their grateful visitors even brought them pizza. The visit was organized and planned by Yachad Israel, the Israeli arm of Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities. Yachad is an agency of the Orthodox Union. Twenty

Mickey Rosenfeld, Israel’s Police Spokesman, Visits OU HQ

November 12, 2015, by

One of the most dangerous elements of the recent wave of terror in Israel is who the attackers are. “They are young Israeli Arabs who are part of Israeli society, who work with us, come inside our schools, hospitals,” explained Superintendent Mickey Rosenfeld, foreign press spokesperson for the Israeli Police. “The attacks are sporadic. [Terrorists]

New Sculpture in Brooklyn Asks: Yo or Oy?

November 11, 2015, by

Tablet Magazine has the story: Deborah Kass, a modern artist whose works often produce their meanings by re-imagining the style of Andy Warhol, for one, (also Gertrude Stein and Jackson Pollack) has created a huge, yellow, sculpture that reads “OY” when looking from Brooklyn into Manhattan, and “OY” when doing the opposite. It’s eight feet high,

Michelle Bachman Urges Jews to Convert to Christianity

November 11, 2015, by

The former representative made these comments during a trip to Israel. Former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann called for an intensified effort to convert Jews to Christianity. Bachmann, a former congresswoman from Minnesota who ran for the Republican presidential nod in 2012, was in Israel last week on a tour organized by the Family Research Council,

Netanyahu: Israel, US Must Work Together on Iran

November 10, 2015, by

Via The Times of Israel: With the Iranian nuclear pact a done deal, Israel and the United States need to work together to ensure that the Islamic Republic doesn’t violate the terms of the accord and to counter Tehran’s terrorist activities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday. “Despite our disagreement over the nuclear deal with

Prayer for the Safety of American Soldiers

November 10, 2015, by

The RCA and the OU have circulated a special prayer to be said in synagogues during Shabbat services in support of our armed services courageously waging the battle against the scourge of global terrorism.  

Remembering Kristallnacht

November 9, 2015, by

Yad Vashem posted this survivor’s testimony. Arnold Goldsmith was born in Fulda, Germany, in 1922. After surviving Buchenwald, he immigrated to America and served in the United States Army. He moved to Israel in 1966. The neighborhood women, non-Jewish friends of the family, waited outside with their aprons collecting the family’s belongings as they were

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Slams BDS Movement

November 9, 2015, by

From Channel 4 News. “The supporters of this so-called boycott are a bunch of corduroy-jacketed lefty academics,” Boris Johnson gave his view on the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel during his trip to build economic ties with Tel Aviv.   Boris on the boycott of Israel “The supporters of this so-called boycott are

Israel Losing Edge Against Iran, Intel Head Warns

November 2, 2015, by

The Times of Israel writes: The country’s top army intelligence officer has reportedly said Israel and Iran are engaged in a technological “war,” with the Jewish state slowly losing its qualitative edge over the Islamic Republic. According to a report in Haaretz, Military Intelligence Head Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi also warned Thursday against watching video

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