United Nations: ‘Miscommunication’ behind ban of Israel’s Zionism display

05 Apr 2016

A “miscommunication” led the United Nations to ban a display about Zionism from an Israeli exhibition at its headquarters in New York, a spokesman told JTA.

Hours after the exhibition opened Monday morning, an initially banned display panel about Zionism was added. But the U.N. stood firm in banning two other panels that Israel had proposed — one about Arab Israelis and another about Jerusalem. The panels are several-feet tall standing boards with images and texts.

“The panel on Zionism was not disallowed. There was a misunderstanding … and so it was initially communicated to the Mission that the panel could not be displayed. That was immediately revised and it was then clearly communicated to the Mission shortly after the first message that the panel could be displayed,” Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the U.N. secretary general, wrote Monday afternoon in an email follow-up to a telephone conversation with JTA.

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