Parshat Vayeira: Appearing & Disappearing

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13 Nov 2008
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Apparently appearances

Aren’t always as they


(The white silk above ones chest may make the

Heart beneath it appear to be pure and innocent;

Just as the dark mask over ones face may cause

The mind behind it to appear to be dark and


But things real and true

Appear how they are,

That is, when

They do


By definition, things physical

Have a face, a body, an appearance.

By definition (or the lack thereof)

Things spiritual and mystical do not.

Thus, it takes not a Talmudic scholar

With a long beard and a longer dialogue

To deduct that when a soulful something

Makes an appearance it is not an event

To be taken lightly: not lightly at all but

With much light


Appear pressure


When Truth appears on the scene

The scene forever changes, both

In appearance and in essence.

G-d appeared to him

It is a journey on which we are on

And as a journey is how we shall treat

And entreat it

And because it is a holy, divine journey

On which we are on, nothing whatsoever

Is random and even less is out of place.

So when just yesterday we were in one

Place and today we are in another, it is

Because for us to reach where we are

Today we had – and have – to go through

The events and experiences of yesterday

Yesterday was all about going, going to

And from yourself, going from one place

To another, going higher and higher, but

No matter how far, how deep, or how high

You go it is still you going, for yourself, to



Today it is about appearances and, because

We are into definitions, appearances are things

Outside of yourself, things that come not from

Your top-self, but things that begin to show when

Your own selfish self begins to fade away – for

Truth to appear everything false must first dis-



Until the eternal bond, the pure connection

We are just ourselves being all we can be;

With the bond eternal we are being more than

We can be on our own – now we are being

A part of G-d, a piece of the Divine.


Appearing out of the blue? No, no, no…


Appearing out of – and without of – the you:


All the distortions disappearing;

        The divine truths appearing –

                Such is the life with an

Eternal bond and a

Divine connection

Mendel Jacobson is a writer, poet and journalist living in Brooklyn. His weekly poetry can be seen at

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