Parshat Lech Lecha: Go on. Let it. Go!

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06 Nov 2008
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Go on

A hunch:


But before go time….


This was my position




Welcome to the world of the Prefix,

Where everything is fixed beforehand,

And only the dreams and yearnings are



Prix Fixe – menu, price, taste and palate –

Already (prix)determined

All pre-cedes, pre-sents, pre-ssures, pre-tenses

Exist not and the Prefix uni-verse is de-lightful –


If a bit parochial and boring:

Losing nothing; but finding less

Destroying zilch; but creating nada

Never dying; but neither giving birth


For this the soul could stay on high and it would never feel low;

But the soul was told to go, and it went, from its land, birthplace,

From its fathers house, from all the levels of heaven to the land

That He – He beyond levels and heavens – will (and does) show us….


So, if our birth in this place known as Earth comes of souls letting go

Of their heavens, comforts, warmths and lights, traveling to places dark

And cold, do our creations and births here on Earth come of anything

Less? Thus


Don’t get ready! Don’t get set! Go!


Go for yourself

From your land

And from your birthplace

And from your father’s house

To the land that I will show you


From your land

From your wants and wills


From your birthplace

From your nature


From your father’s house

From your nurture


To the land that I will show you

It is a dark and cold land, yes,

With death, pain and suffering,

Famine, starvations of many sorts,

But within it is an ability to create,

Give birth to light, smiles, joy and

Innocence. Before the go time

This is not possible. In the prisons

Of your nature and nurture, in the

Custom-shackles of your land, it

Is impossible to fulfill your potency

And potential. In the confines of

Your own mind and the chains of

Your own heart it is impossible to

Be your own true self. You must go,

Go to the land I – G-d – will show you.


Go for yourself

And to yourself


Do it for yourself: you see, only by going

Can you go to yourself, your truest deepest

Self – the furthest journey is going from what

Is your imposter to what is truly you


Let. Go!

Of yourself

For yourself

To yourself:


Let go of all insecurities and inhibitions;

Let go for your own pleasure and goodness;

Let go to your own essence, your own soul –


Go on; you’re bound to find great things –

Go on and don’t be afraid –

Go on and on, to your

Self and your reason:

Creating light

On going


Go on.

Let it.



Mendel Jacobson is a writer, poet and journalist living in Brooklyn. His weekly poetry can be seen at

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.