Parshat Ha’azinu: Ear O Dynamics

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Lend Me Your Ear
06 Oct 2008
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Let me borrow a minute

Please lend me your ear


(Not for keeps, don’t worry

Just on loan

With lots of interest

But not the monetary kind)


Let us speak without ears. Let us speak:

Of an ear to a throne, a million-ear,

An ear for music…


Dual is the reality in which we live

(I guess like two ears):


On one ear, we reach to heaven,


On the other, we’re grounded on earth.


Souls masquerading as bodies

In Life’s masked ball.


Earie is the situation; earborne

The flight that is hope.


The song is begun, please give ear:


Give ear o heavens

And I will speak


Blue as clarity, clean like a child,

Fresh clouds, softer than whispers

On a lover’s lip, these are the Heavens,

A place of dreams and dreamers, of

Bright thoughts and brighter eyes,

Ideas plentiful like the stars, shining

Like suns on mirrored seas glittering

But also gold – Wisdom turns it’s wise

Face to the challenge, Understanding

Gives a knowing look, Knowledge has

Been there but always finds that going

Back never gets stale, only aged to perfection,

A flavor and richness more potent, also

More subtle as the skills are honed and

Potentials discovered (if not yet implemented)


The song goes on, perhaps now recorded:


And hear o earth

The words of my mouth


Brown as dirt, heavy and thick, material

A little rough around the edges, hard and

Unforgiving, its lines sharp, its tongue blunt,

These are the Earths, where emotions and

Feelings run free and chaotic, stumbling at

Times, bumbling at others, falling down and

Scraping knees and egos, dirt under nails,

Scraping and uncovering what is below the

Surface but way above the highest plains –

Not the Muse but

The Music


The music of which they stand as testaments;

Timeless creations above and below, who have

Been there when the song was first sung, still when

It was screamed from agonized lips and distorted

Mouths, and will be there when it is sung sweet

Like milk and honey…


The Heavens and the Earths –

If the former is a spiritual then

The latter is a material witness:

Witnesses to the song that is

And the music that will always

B (sharp)


Heavens’ testimony:


My teachings drop like the rain

My utterances flow like the dew


And Earths’:


Like storm winds upon vegetation and

Like raindrops upon blades of grass


From ear to ear

Pierced and looped:


Move to the eardrum beat;

Sway to the ear instruments;

The chimes ear-ring loud and clear –

The Heavens and the Earths

Have given their ear for music;

Let us open ours to hear their



Let us listen – and play – to the ultimate



The Redemption Song

Mendel Jacobson is a writer, poet and journalist living in Brooklyn. His weekly poetry can be seen at

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.