Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph and the OU’s Monumental Impact

Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph, who assumed the role of executive vice president and chief operating officer of the 400-synagogue strong Orthodox Union this fall, has deep and formative memories of the OU’s first monumental impact on his life.

Now tasked with managing a wide-ranging portfolio—including the national youth outreach programs NCSY, Yachad and JLIC for college-aged students, as well as the Teach Network lobbying advocacy initiative, the OU Press, digital services including the AllDaf app, a synagogue services division, a women’s outreach division and many Israel programs for teens.

Joseph comprises the second half of a new two-person executive team, paired with Rabbi Moshe Hauer. They will collaborate to replace organizational powerhouse Allen Fagin, who retired as executive vice president at the conclusion of the summer, after spending six years at the OU’s helm. Practically the only OU program not under Joseph/Hauer management is OU Kosher’s kashrut supervision division, which will continue to operate distinctly.

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