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Jewish Holidays

More Topics for Shavuos Study

May 30, 2019, by

If you would like to learn a selected topic on Shavuos night but don’t know where to begin, look no further! Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein has prepared a number of topics, adapted from his book Journeys in Talmud, designed to guide users through the primary Gemaras, the positions of the Rishonim and selected insights of the Acharonim. […]

Ruth and Contemporary Conversion: Lessons in Ahavat HaGer

May 28, 2019, by

From Gleanings: Reflections on Ruth (YU Press and Maggid/Koren Books, 2019) edited by Rabbi Dr. Stuart W. Halpern The biblical story of Ruth has been frequently mined for insights, both halachic and ideological, into the conversion process. The Talmud[1] cites Ruth’s words to Naomi as examples of the type of mitzvah acceptance — Kabbalat Ol […]

Vayigdal Moshe on Shavuos

May 17, 2018, by

וידבר אלקים Why is the name Elokim the one which is employed for the aseres ha’dibros? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for it to have been the sheim Havayah? Rashi brings from Chazal that the implication of the name Elokim is dayan lipara, a judge who can exact punishment. In the sefer, Pischei Shearim, […]

The Ladder of Transformation: Receiving the Torah at Sinai

May 15, 2018, by

How could a people enslaved for two centuries transform into a nation in only 49 days and merit to hear directly from God? How were they able to transform themselves? We are given the same opportunity every year during Sefirat HaOmer. Download the mekorot here Recorded at OU Israel’s L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh Women’s Event