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Jewish Holidays

Corona B’Omer: Kaballah, Covid and Your Inner Voice

May 11, 2020, by

Introduction: Are You Sure Lag B’omer Is a Holiday? There is something quite odd about Lag B’omer. First of all, it’s not even really a holiday. You won’t find Lag B’omer in the Torah or in the writings of the prophets or early sages. Lag B’omer as we know it today, is more like a […]

The Secret of Lag BaOmer

May 22, 2019, by

Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai immersed in the סתרי תורה. There are two figures to whom the Jewish people go en masse – Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai and Rachel Imeinu. Why is it about these two? The answer to this can help understand the meaning of Lag BaOmer and the pilgrimage to Meiron. How do we […]

Lag B’omer: The Depths Are Calling to Us

May 16, 2019, by

A generation will arise and live … Hundreds of thousands of people. Countless buses. It’s Lag B’omer. And seemingly endless throngs of every kind of Jew in the world make their way to Meron. Why? The Soul of Torah P’nimiut haTorah, the inner dimension of Torah, is, as it’s name implies, the soul of the […]