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Jewish Holidays

In the Narrows: Avodat Hashem in the Three Weeks

July 19, 2019, by

The Three Weeks, bein ha’metzarim, are naturally associated with tragedy and mourning. Yet, at the same time, our sages tell us that in the future this will be a time of great simcha. Is it a coincidence that these days of mourning will become days of joy? Today’s Mourning and Tomorrow’s Joy It’s true, these […]

The Mystery of the Missing Day of the Three Weeks

July 11, 2018, by

Chazal say the two 21-day periods during the year, from Rosh Hashana to Hoshana Rabbah and from 17 Tammuz to the Tisha B’Av, correspond to the time it takes an egg to mature and an almond branch to blossom respectively. But from Shiva Asar B’Tammuz to Tisha B’Av is really 22 days! Shiur provided courtesy […]

The Beit HaMikdash: What Are We Waiting For?

July 5, 2018, by

Binyamin was the one brother not involved in the sale of Yosef. Why is this enough of a reason for the Beit HaMikdash to be built in his territory? How is this connected to his stone – ישפה? Recorded at the OU Israel Center, July 4th, 2018 Download the mekorot here

Halachot of the Three Weeks: A Review

June 17, 2018, by

The five calamities that occured on 17 of Tammuz and the status of the four fasts during Bayit Sheni Brushing one’s teeth and rinsing out one’s mouth on a fast day Getting engaged, listening to music, shaving, taking a haircut, and reciting shehechiyanu. Download the mekorot here Recorded at OU Israel’s L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh Women’s Event

The Three Weeks: What Are We Mourning?

June 14, 2018, by

There’s no denying that Jerusalem of today is a far cry from the Jerusalem of even 100 years ago. We need to understand what we’re missing. Download the mekorot here Recorded at OU Israel’s L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh Women’s Event