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Jewish Holidays

Yom Kippur, Tu B’Av, and Purim

October 3, 2017, by

The mishna says that Tu B’Av and Yom Kippur are the happiest days of the year. Why isn’t  Purim included? What is the difference between Yom Kippur and Tu B’Av on the one hand and Purim on the other hand?

Shira Smiles on Tu b’Av

August 6, 2017, by

The Gemara gives 6 reasons why Tu B’Av is celebrated. Many events have occurred that are greater than these. Why don’t these other events merit holidays as well? How can we make Tu B’Av meaningful for us today now that we don’t celebrate Tu B’Av the way that is described in the Gemara?  Shiur provided courtesy of Naaleh.com