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Jewish Holidays

The Rabbinical festival of Chanukah reminds us that the spiritual might of the Maccabim is not extinguished, but will continue to burn until the impending final Redemption, when complete material and spiritual sovereignty will be restored here in the Land of Israel.

Why Don’t We Mention Chanukah or Purim in Al Hamichya?

December 29, 2022, by

Delivered at the OU Israel Center, 3 Tevet 5783 – December 27, 2022 Rabbi Breitowitz’s Tuesday Shiur is sponsored for the 2023 academic year by Rabbi Refoel and Sharon Auman in memory of their parents, Edith and Reiner Auman, z”l – יונה בן צדוק ז״ל & אסתר ע״ה בת רפאל הי״ד and their son Rabbi Shmuel […]

Weekly Tefilah Focus Chanukah Special 5783 – Part 2

December 23, 2022, by

Special Chanukah Edition 5783 – Part 2  מזמור שיר חנוכת הבית לדודA psalm – a song for the inauguration of the Temple – by David ***** This mizmor, which we have been reciting (singing) throughout the days of Chanukah, is also how nusach Ashkenaz begins P’sukei D’Zimrah of every Shacharis throughout the year.  It is chapter 30 in T’hilim.  Many say that we recite […]