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Jewish Holidays

Chag at Home

September 9, 2020, by

Pursuant to our acclaimed “Sinai at Home” program, OU Torah Initiatives is proud to present Chag at Home, a way for all of us to get our holiday inspiration in this pandemic era. Chag at Home features dozens of packets of educational material – articles, source sheets, family discussions, and more – to enable individuals […]

Meshech Chochmah on Succos

October 7, 2019, by

The Succah and the Arba Minim The mitzvos of the Torah can be divided into two categories: Mitzvos that elevate a person beyond human nature Mitzvos that sanctify and purify human nature Both of these categories are represented by the two mitzvos of Succos. The Succah After a person has worked in the field for […]

Spare Parts

October 4, 2019, by

The holiday of Sukkot is flavored by two distinctly different mitzvoth. The experience of four minim is the most aesthetically pleasing mitzvah and the arrangement is the only object referred to by the Torah as “hadar” or “lovely” and attractive. Each of the four elements references a different feature of nature, and each item conjures […]

L’Dovid Hashem Ori: Forging Connections

October 2, 2019, by

Many years ago, before the common use of cell phones, I had the unfortunate experience of being trapped alone in a hotel elevator in Israel. Although the elevator was stuck for only a few moments, it felt like an eternity. Aside from the overwhelming fear that I experienced, the sense of complete isolation at not […]

From Fear to Festivities

September 27, 2019, by

Fear and trembling. Those have been our primary religious emotions during the past several weeks. Although Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are referred to nowadays as the High Holidays, traditionally they were known as the Days of Awe, Yamim Noraim. Frightful days, fearful days. During this recent time none of us escaped a sense of […]