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Jewish Holidays

Birchat HaChamah: An Illuminating Message

April 20, 2009, by

It started slowly, mere wisps of pink painted upon a deep blue sky. Then a golden glow suffused the horizon, getting brighter with each passing moment. And suddenly – she was there. She slid above the rolling mountains, first the tiniest sliver, then a half circle, and finally, a huge, glowing orb of fire. She […]

Birchat HaChamah: Once in Twenty-Eight

April 20, 2009, by

When my alarm rang at 6:00 A.M. Wednesday morning April 8, every bone in my body started talking to me – and not one of them was saying anything polite. I had spent the last two days on my feet cooking around the clock and I was beat. All I wanted to do was sleep. […]