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Jewish Holidays

Offering the Torah to the Nations

June 30, 2006, by

The Torah was Offered to the Nations: “Hashem miSinai ba VeZarach miSeir lamo, hofia meHar Paran…” “Hashem Came from Mt. Sinai – Having Shone Forth from Mt. Seir, and Appeared at Mt. Paran” (Devarim 33:2) Lest the nations of the World complain that Hashem was unfair in not offering the Torah to the rest of […]

A Poetic Description of the Giving of the Torah

June 30, 2006, by

“You were Revealed in Your Cloud of Glory…” (Mussaf Prayer of Rosh HaShanah) The following is the translation of the introduction to the “Shofarot” Prayer, which is one of three special prayers: “Malchiyot” (Kingliness), “Zichronot” (Remembrances) and “Shofarot” (Sounds of the Shofar) incorporated into the Mussaf Prayer of Rosh HaShanah: “You were revealed in Your cloud […]

The Ten Commandments

June 30, 2006, by

The Ten Commandments “I am Hashem your G-d…” (Shemot 20,2) (Much of the material in this section is adapted with permission, from Sefer HaTodaah of Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov) “Maamad Har Sinai” – The Stand at Mt. Sinai When the Jewish People stood at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and accepted the Torah, was probably the […]

“Naaseh V’Nishma”

June 30, 2006, by

“We will do first, and afterwards, understand” (Shemot 24:7) (Much of the material in this section is adapted with permission, from Sefer HaTodaah of Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov) The following are Midrashic comments on the somewhat rash declaration of faith and trust, cited above, by the People of Israel in Hashem: Rabbi Simai expounded: “When the […]

Preparation for Receiving the Torah

June 30, 2006, by

“You shall set boundaries for the People roundabout, saying, Beware of ascending the mountain or touching its edge; whoever touches the mountain shall surely die” (Shemot 19:12) Initial Preparations On the second and third days of Sivan, Hashem told Moshe to tell the Jewish People, “You have seen what I did to Egypt, and how […]

The Story of Shavuot

June 30, 2006, by

What is the Story of Shavuot? The “stories” of many things, their background and purpose, can be told by explaining what they are called. To a great extent, this is true in general of the Jewish holidays and, in particular, it is true of the holiday of Shavuot. The names of this holiday are: “Chag […]

About Work Restrictions

June 29, 2006, by

All Jewish holidays and observances, with the exception of some fasts, begin on the evening previous to the first day. Except as noted, all require special additional prayers and services are held in the Synagogue. All Jewish Holidays with Sabbath-like restrictions require that all normal business, school or secular activities cease about two hours before […]

The Recitation of Hallel

June 29, 2006, by

Hallel consists of six Psalms (113-118), which are said as a unit, on joyous occasions, when the praise of G-d is particularly appropriate, immediately following the Shacharit “Shemoneh Esrei.” These occasions include the following: The three “major” festivals, Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot, the term “major” meaning that the festival is mentioned in the “Chamisha Chumshei […]

The Holiday of Shavuot in the Torah

June 26, 2006, by

“And you shall declare on that very day, that it is a Holy Day unto you; You shall do no manner of work; It is an Eternal Statute, in all your habitations, for all your generations” (Vayikra 23:21) “Until the day after the seventh week, you shall count, fifty days; And you shall bring a […]