WHERE WE'RE GOING What's Next? The OU in 2023
What's Next

2023 marks the 125th anniversary of the Orthodox Union’s founding in 1898 and the centennial year of OU Kosher. And while the OU continues to evolve along with its community partners, its fundamental role as a communal services organization continues from strength to strength.

The Annual Impact Report is a snapshot of where we’ve been. Here are some of the new initiatives that will show you where we’re going.

Parenting is one of our generation's greatest challenges.

The relationship that matters most to your child is the one you build together. GenAleph was created to help Jewish parents raise successful, happy children by building strong parent-child relationships.

This program combines data driven research-based methods with Torah principles to help create and maintain healthy family life.

More to come
The Jewish helpdesk

Have a personal or communal need? Not sure where to start or what resources are available?
The OU provides access to its network of thousands of partners and friends worldwide – synagogues, non-profit organizations, businesses, community leaders and a professional staff that is involved in all areas of Jewish life.
·Where can I find helpful tips to budget properly for my growing Jewish family?
·Our shul's membership is growing, and we need to expand the eruv. Who should we call?
·Is government funding available to enhance our local school's security?

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It’s your choice to give us a voice

The fight against antisemitism means reporting all incidents of antisemitism. Funding for security in our community and our public places depend on it.

When we see or experience an episode of hate, many of us don’t make the effort to let the authorities know because we don’t think anything will be done. If the perpetrator isn't caught or punished what’s the point?

But when we report these incidents, we’re helping tosave lives because we’re collecting data used when local and federal governments determine community needs for security.

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Is the eruv up or down?.

This community resource uses geolocation, and images to track and log every aspect of a community Eruv. The physical poles, wires, fences, bridges, hills, and buildings that make up the Eruv are constantly changing and require weekly checks.

The app allows groups of people assigned to check locations to log their positions and share images creating a complete picture of the eruv. Data also includes the halachic basis of each point along the eruv and the government permissions and documents from utility companies. All the documentation is linked to the position it supports.

The immediacy and precision of the app allows those checking the eruv to quickly and effectively describe to the Posek exactly where they are and what the issue is.

Stay tuned for the app’s release in mid 2023
Now 1.3 million products certified

This is not an new initiative but its centennial is. One of the OU’s most innovative and successful community partnerships was started by women who wanted more kosher food options for their families. “We wanted to be able to tell our children what they could eat rather than what they couldn’t.” said rebbetzin Goldstein the driving force behind the nacient program.

Food manufacturers added the OU symbol to their products and increased their market share while giving the community more choices. That model has remained the same while supporting community funding for all programs in this year’s impact report.

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