Our Homeland, Our Future

Israel Free Spirit, the OU’s Birthright Israel program, aims to keep the Jewish community vibrant by connecting our youth to their homeland and heritage. Inaddition to the Birthright trip, Israel Free Spirit offers students the option to extend their stay in Israel and participate in learning opportunities that strengthen their Jewish commitment and identity.

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Photo on left: On all trips, young Israelis join as participants, further connecting the global Jewish community.
Photo on right: Bonfire in the Negev. (Photo: Wandermore Photography)
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Experiencing Israel

Partnering with Jewish Organizations to Give the Gift of Birthright

Israel Free Spirit has established partnerships with a diverse array of organizations serving Jewish young adults—including college Hillels, Meor, Aish, fraternities/sororities, and more— to give the gift of Birthright Israel.

Personalizing the Israel Experience with Themed Trips

Applicants choose from a variety of Birthright Israel trips catering to specific interests, such as arts and music, foodie culture, the outdoors, volunteering, etc.

Staff Development Days to Educate Trip Leaders

To ensure a meaningful experience for both participants and trip leaders, Israel Free Spirit facilitates full-day staff trainings in the U.S. and Israel, focusing on best practices of Jewish informal education and making a positive impact beyond the trip.

Extending Beyond Birthright Israel

Participants have the option to extend their trip to attend classes on basic Judaism and to tour Israel. Other extension opportunities include internships, fellowships, and volunteer programs.

On Israel Free Spirit Birthright trips, young adults share unforgettable experiences that strengthen their Jewish identity, communal responsibility, and connection with Israel. (Photo: Alexa Kownacki)
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