The Future Leaders of Our Communities

NCSY engages Jewish teens of all backgrounds through year-round social, educational, and leadership programs, preparing them to become the next generation of proud, committed Jews. From local onegs and events, learning groups, and Shabbatonim, to national Yarchei Kallah retreats, disaster relief missions, and summer programming, NCSY caters to each teen’s unique interests while maintaining a steadfast commitment to traditional Jewish values and practice.

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Photo on left: Teens partake in the acclaimed NCSY Havdalah at the close of Shabbat on an NCSY Winter Regional this past January.
Photo on right: NCSYers getting ready to hit the slopes at Southern NCSY’s Winter Regional Shabbaton.
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Engaging and Educating

Public School Students Experience Israel

Jewish public school students get the chance to explore Israel, thanks to The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey (TJJ). The program enables unaffiliated Jewish teens to discover the beauty of our traditions while broadening and enriching their Jewish identity.

In-Depth Torah Learning Retreat for Unaffiliated Teens

Hundreds of NCSY teens from public schools across North America choose to study Torah during their winter break at NCSY’s national Yarchei Kallah retreat. This annual gathering centers around in-depth Judaic study that includes one-on-one learning and discussions with teachers, advisors, and fellow NCSYers.

Strengthening Public School Teens’ Jewish Identity

NCSY runs 297 Jewish Student Union (JSU) clubs at public high schools across the United States and Canada, strengthening students’ Jewish identity.

Engaging the Whole Family

Parents of NCSY teens are essential participants in NCSY programming. The entire family is encouraged to participate in opportunities that include holiday meals, meaningful classes, and “TJJ for Moms”—a 14-day trip to Israel.

Sparking Meaningful Jewish Conversation

The NCSY Box is a set of interactive educational playing cards designed to spark Jewish conversations and ideas. Whether at a Shabbat table, a family trip, or just a get-together, The Box is the perfect tool to get people talking.

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DRS JUMP team at the JUMP Boardroom Finals at the OU Headquarters

Leadership Development

Teens Use Their Creativity to Benefit Communities

The Jewish Unity Mentoring Program (JUMP) is a leadership experience that engages teens in a competition to develop social entrepreneurship projects that will benefit their communities. The teams present their ideas to a panel of judges and receive mentoring feedback.

Biking for Scholarships

Bike NCSY is an annual bike tour that aims to raise scholarship money for NCSY students. This past year, over 120 riders gathered from across the country to raise funds to help teens spend a gap year in Israel.

NCSY Alumni Become Leaders on Campus

The Judah Fellowship empowers NCSY alumni to engage their fellow alumni on college campuses, connecting them with opportunities to run reunion events, Shabbat and holiday programs, and social action and relief missions over their winter breaks.

New Jersey day school and public school teens volunteer in Puerto Rico on a New Jersey NCSY Relief Mission.

Teens Aid in Disaster Relief

NCSY Relief Missions put teen volunteers on the front lines of relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters. These trips connect participants to the Jewish value of tikkun olam (repairing the world) through transformational, hands-on experiences.

NCSY Summer Trip Experiences

NCSY Summer Trips

NCSY offers 22 unique summer programs across the U.S., Israel, and Europe. From sports to corporate internships to work with Israeli first responders, NCSY summer programs provide a panorama of experiences unbounded by geography. This summer had record participation of nearly 1,700 teens.

Teens Save Lives on Hatzalah Rescue

Benjamin Mendelson, 17, and Jaden Jubas, 16, were volunteering with a United Hatzalah crew in Bat Yam when their ambulance was dispatched to a call for a semi-responsive patient. Upon arrival, the team found multiple responders providing CPR to an 80-year-old male. Both teens immediately joined the compression rotation, working with EMTs from United Hatzalah and a paramedic team from Magen David Adom, regaining and losing the patient’s pulse twice before it was finally restored and the patient could be transported to the hospital.

This is just one of many stories of NCSY students participating in NCSY Hatzalah Rescue, a month-long summer program run in partnership with United Hatzalah, a volunteer-based emergency medical services organization in Israel. The program trains teens to serve as emergency medical responders volunteering with ambulance crews in Israel.

Medically Minded Teens Experience Israel through a New Lens

Hatzalah Rescue is a coed summer program in Israel that allows teens to gain medical skills and experience and give back to others. Teens are trained and certified as emergency medical responders, volunteer on an ambulance, learn the intricacies of Hatzalah’s daily operations, and form friendships to last a lifetime.

Number of Teens on NCSY Summer Trips

Public school teens bake their own pita in Northern Israel while on The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey, NCSY Summer’s flagship Israel experience for unaffiliated teens

Teen participants on NCSY Summer’s Hatzalah Rescue are honored with medals from United Hatzalah for saving two lives on ambulance runs this past summer in Israel.

NCSY Summer Trips

  • Boys Trips

  • • Camp Sports
  • • Kollel
  • • Kollel Mechina
  • • RTC
  • • Yaldei Ohr: New for 2020
  • Girls Trips

  • • Camp Maor
  • • Euro GO
  • • GIVE
  • • GIVE West
  • • Michlelet
  • • Michlelet Mechina
  • • On the GO: New for 2020
  • Coed Trips

  • • Euro ICE
  • • Hatzalah Rescue
  • • Israel ID
  • • JOLT
  • • JOLT Israel
  • • Next Step
  • • ReSurf
  • • The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey (TJJ)
  • • TJJ AP
  • • TJJ Israel Ambassadors

NCSY Summer runs twenty-two unique summer programs in the U.S., Israel, and Europe. From Kollel, which combines intensive learning with sports and travel, to Next Step: Israel Internships where teens work as interns and travel across Israel, Summer trips cater to all interests and backgrounds.