Future Leaders of The Jewish Community

NCSY is proud to play an important and trusted role in the lives of thousands of Jewish teens each year. Immersive learning and social programs connect teens with their Jewish identity and foster self-confidence.

Education, retreats, and summer travel experiences nurture a lifelong relationship and connection to Israel, while leadership and volunteer opportunities empower NCSY teens to become peer role models and committed leaders of the Jewish community. A full spectrum of programming in 250 cities across three continents uniquely positions NCSY to meet teens where they are, emotionally, spiritually, and geographically.

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Photo on left: Public school teens participate in the Havdalah ceremony at the Aspire: Yarchei Kallah retreat.
Photo on right: As part of the Aspire: Yarchei Kallah retreat, hundreds of NCSY teens attended the Daf Yomi Siyum HaShas celebration.

When Covid-19 Changed The World...

NCSY Reinvented Summer for Thousands of Teens

Coronavirus did not stop NCSY. When the world went into quarantine in March 2020, NCSY jumped into action to make sure teens stayed connected and inspired during their time in isolation. A full curriculum of new, virtual programs across the U.S. and Canada gave teens purpose and much-needed social connection after a semester of isolation with volunteer, social, and educational experiences. Summer in-person chessed programs included rebuilding a house with Habitat for Humanity, planting vegetable gardens, painting local parks, offering free carwashes,connecting teens with seniors, installing mezuzahs, and hosting carnivals for individuals with disabilities. NCSY’s signature Israel programs, GO (Girls Only) and Kollel sessions, also took place in various communities

Walking the Walk: Tikkun Olam

Coming to the aid of those in need is an important NCSY mission—even during a pandemic. Example: As part of NCSY Relief Missions, which puts teen volunteers on the front lines of relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters,NCSY worked with Habitat for Humanity to arrange for teens to help rebuild the house of a community leader who lost his home to Hurricane Sandy in 2012. In summer 2020,NCSY also trained certified hurricane Ready Teams, small groups of teens and staff who can help communities recover from a disaster.

Leadership of Project Community 2020 Go provided meaningful experiences this summer.

More Funding, More Trips, More Memories

Thanks to a generous grant from The Marcus Foundation, NCSY will dramatically increase the number of teens attending NCSY Summer in Israel in 2021 through RootOne vouchers. Running immersive summer programs for Jewish teens in Israel has been central to NCSY’s mission for over 40 years, providing $1.5 million in scholarships and sending over 2,000 public school and Jewish day school students to Israel. These experiences are of ten the most memorable and meaningful in these young people’s lives

Looking Forward

Summer 2021: Stronger Than Ever

COVID-19 stopped summer plans in 2020, but summer 2021 will see 22 unique programs across the U.S., Israel, and Europe. From sports and corporate internships to work with Israeli first responders, NCSY summer programs provide a panorama of experiences unbounded by geography

A Revolution: The Shevet Glaubach Fellowship

Created in spring 2020 thanks to a generous grant from Drs. Miriam and Felix Glaubach and family, the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship trains and inspires the next generation of Jewish leaders. The Fellows, which include NCSY advisors and college-aged leaders, expand their skill sets and learn to take responsibility for the broader Jewish community. Programming includes chavruta learning and community Shabbat programming

Public school teens receive awards at Aspire: Yarchei Kallah, a 5-day retreat for Torah learning during winter break.

NCSY Experiential Learning

In December 2019, NCSY held its annual Aspire: Yarchei Kallah— a five-day Torah-learning retreat for public school teens during their winter break. Traditional classroom learning was supplemented with group study, one-on-one learning, and late-night discussions with teachers, advisors, and fellow NCSYers. Af ter a week of studying Torah, teens are imbued with a deep passion for learning more about their heritage.

Saving the World: JUMP!

Using a “create-a-thon" model, in November 2019 teams of over 100 teens from across the country gathered to develop social entrepreneurship projects that would benefit their communities. JUMP—a teen leadership program—awarded grants for the best ideas developed at the event. Winners included the iKeep initiative, empowering teens to be excited about Shabbat; Vaping Killz, an anti-vaping campaign; and J.U.I.C.E., a program designed to integrate the Ashkenazi and Sefardi communities.

Always NCSY

Project Community 2020 Kollel Teaneck, NJ participants learned together in the summer program.

NCSY JUMP contestants present their idea to a group of panelists made up of community and lay leaders.

Taking It to the Next Level: NCSY Alum on College Campuses

NCSY doesn’t end with high school. Alumni who are committed to Jewish continuity on campus are awarded the Judah Fellowship, taking lessons learned in their years at NCSY and running events for fellow college students. These events include Shabbat and holiday programs and social action and relief missions over their winter breaks.

A Home for the Whole Family

An eight-day trip to Israel for moms of teensisjust one of many programsfocused on the family. NCSY hosts a variety of activitiesfor parents and siblings, including holiday meals, meaningful classes, and concerts.

States and Provinces with Jewish Student Union (JSU) Public School Clubs

NCSY runs 363 JSU clubs at public high schools across the United States and Canada, strengthening students’ connection to their heritage and identity.

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