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For 40 years, OU Israel has been making a difference in Israel, touching the lives of children and adults, immigrants and native Israelis, visitors and residents, and soldiers and civilians from every segment of Israeli society. Our goal is maintaining and invigorating our Jewish heritage while fostering Jewish pride and unity.

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Photo on left: OU Israel strengthens at-risk youth throughout Israel’s population.
Photo on right: Since its establishment in 1995, OU Israel Camp Dror has provided hundreds of boys and girls from Israel and around the world with a unique combination of summer fun, Zionism and Torah learning.
visits to the OU Israel Center annually for shiurim, special events, and trips
copies of Torah Tidbits magazine distributed annually
youth from across Israel attend Oraita, Zula, and Makom Balev monthly programming

Programs and Initiatives

OU Israel Celebrates 40 Years

To mark this important milestone, more than 2,200 people gathered for Torah Yerushalayim, our marquee Torah-learning event featuring dozens of leading Torah personalities, followed by a musical selichot service led by Rabbi Shlomo Katz. Torah Yerushalayim was dedicated in loving memory of David and Norma Fund z”l by their children.

Other celebrations included a gathering of thousands for inspirational tefillot on Yom Ha’atzmaut, a musical Shacharit overlooking the Temple Mount on Yom Yerushalayim, and a Yaakov Shwekey concert attended by over 5,000 people.

Empowering Women through Torah Learning and Social Opportunities

L’Ayla Women’s Learning Initiative empowers Jewish women from across Israel with a wide range of affiliations through Jewish adult education and social activities. This past summer, L’Ayla partnered with the OU Women’s Initiative to host Alit, a month-long learning program that gives young female college graduates the opportunity to spend their summer immersed in Torah in Jerusalem.

Weekly Halacha Study for Young Professionals

The Semichas Chaver Program (SCP) weekly halachic study initiative is tailored to engaging young professional Jewish men in Torah learning. It focuses on both the practical and ethical meanings of halacha, and attendees are awarded a certificate at its conclusion. Its weekly programs are in over 53 cities around the world.

Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

A two-and-a-half-week sleepaway camp located in Israel’s northern region, Camp Dror provides hundreds of English-speaking children from Israel and around the world with a unique combination of leadership development, summer fun, and Torah learning. In partnership with OU’s Yachad program, Camp Dror provides youth withspecial needs with the summer of a lifetimewhile teaching mainstream campers and staff about the inclusion of those with special needs.

A Hub for Anglo Olim

A welcoming environment for English speakers of all ages, the Seymour J. Abrams Orthodox Union Jerusalem World Center provides spiritual inspiration and a social network for olim. The Center also serves as a venue for many OU programs, including NCSY and Yachad events.

Providing a Supportive Haven for At-Risk Israeli Youth

OU Israel Youth Centers support at-risk youth in 20 cities where crime and violence are commonplace. Most program participants come from disadvantaged homes. While the program strives to reach youth before they become involved in high-risk behavior, it is often the last resort for those whose families and schools have given up on them. Through unconditional love and support, the Centers are often successful in helping participants turn their lives around.

Healing through Images

Like every kid growing up in Sderot, Ilan’s childhood was often interrupted by rocket alerts and fifteen-second dashes to safety. As a result, he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was afraid to go out with his friends, worried that they might need to seek shelter. As a teenager, he began wetting his bed. His parents, school counselor and therapist did the best that they could, but, unfortunately, they were not able to help Ilan overcome his trauma.

Served by OU Israel Programs
  • • Acre
  • • Ariel
  • • Beit Shemesh
  • • Dimona
  • • Efrat
  • • Elazar
  • • Hashmonaim
  • • Hatzor
  • • Holon
  • • Jerusalem
  • • Kfar Saba
  • • Kiryat Gat
  • • Kiryat Malachi
  • • Kiryat Shmona
  • • Ma’aleh Adumim
  • • Modi’in
  • • Nahariya
  • • Nazareth Illit
  • • Netanya
  • • Neve Daniel
  • • Nof Ayalon
  • • Ofakim• Ra’anana
  • • Ramat Beit Shemesh
  • • Ramat Hasharon
  • • Rehovot
  • • Sderot
  • • Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  • • Tiberias
  • • Yeruham

Over 2,200 people attended the inaugural Torah Yerushalayim, a day of learning and inspiration that also celebrated 40 years of OU Israel.

OU Israel Youth Centers connect at-risk youth to their Land and their heritage, preparing them to join the IDF with a feeling of pride.

OU Makom BaLev Youth Center in Sderot offers a photo therapy course in which teens learn to explore and express their emotions through photography.