women completed the first cycle of Torat Imecha Nach Yomi
rebbetzins, kallah teachers, kiruv and chinuch professionals attended the Understanding Our Communities conference
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The OU Women’s Initiative aims to create and promote programming focused on Torah study, community leadership, and spiritual, personal, and professional development for women of all ages.


TORAT IMECHA NACH YOMI: Daily audio shiurim on Nevi’im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings), geared toward learners of all levels and taught by renowned female Torah educators.

TORAT IMECHA PARSHA: An exploration of the weekly parsha featuring unique insights delivered by renowned female Torah educators.

ROSH CHODESH LUNCH ‘N LEARN: Video series highlighting the themes and messages of each Jewish month.

CHAGIM IDEAS AND INSPIRATION: Virtual lectures, tours, and interactive projects related to the Jewish holidays. This program is delivered by leading female experts in art, history, psychology, and more.

MAX AND YETTY MONDERER A”H ALIT SUMMER BEIT MIDRASH: A two-week interactive virtual learning program for women of all ages, connecting participants and educators through the study of Halacha, Jewish history, Tanach, and Tikkun HaMiddot (personal development). Over 300 women enrolled in the summer of 2022.

I came from the Soviet Union in 1991 and went the public- school route. I was definitely aware I was Jewish but had no idea what that means. I became frum in my senior year of college and met my husband soon after. Then the kids started coming so I never managed to get any formal Jewish education. When I saw the Nach Yomi initiative, I got excited about going through Nach beyond just Haftoras and snippets here and there. I found the timing also perfect because learning each day put craziness of life into a perspective (Covid, elections, etc.) and kept me connected to Hashem even on days when things got hectic or stressful.”



UNDERSTANDING OUR COMMUNITIES CONFERENCE: A two-day convening for 120 rebbetzins, kallah teachers, and kiruv and chinuch professionals from across North America. This supportive networking opportunity provided women with the knowledge to help identify and address issues facing the Orthodox community. The program included presentations by mental health and community leadership experts, along with conversations with peers and a community organization resource fair.

THE ART OF SPEAKING FOR EDUCATORS AND LAY LEADERS: An intensive seminar for women led by experts in the field of public speaking and presentation. Participants develop skills through workshops and small- group mentoring and develop relationships with a cohort of accomplished OU Women’s Initiative educators and leaders.

SENSE AND SENSITIVITY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR MIKVAH ADMINISTRATORS AND ATTENDANTS: Ongoing in-person and virtual workshops dedicated to providing quality care and attention at the mikvah. Sessions are facilitated by experts in mikvah management, mental health, infertility, infant loss, miscarriage, domestic abuse, cancer, and terminal illness, serving hundreds of women worldwide.

ELAINE WOLF A”H REBBETZIN-TO- REBBETZIN MENTORING: Virtual lectures, tours, and interactive projects related to the Jewish holidays. This program is delivered by leading female experts in art, history, psychology, and more.

MAX AND YETTY MONDERER A”H ALIT SUMMER BEIT MIDRASH: One-on-one mentoring for new rebbetzins, providing support, guidance, and inspiration from rebbetzins who are experienced in the demands and pressures of this unique role.

The Understanding Our Communities conference provided invaluable tools and support for women who are serving as first responders on the front lines of Jewish communal life. The women, myself included, walked away rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle the challenges of their important work. Kol HaKavod to the OU Women’s Initiative for organizing this groundbreaking conference!”

DR. JESSICA KALMAR, rebbetzin, Anshe Sfard Kehillat Torah, and associate professor of psychology, Lakeland University, Glendale, WI


CHALLENGE GRANT: Challenging women to create innovative women’s programming to address pressing contemporary issues in Jewish communal life. Ten $3,600 grants were awarded to applicants whose proposals demonstrated creative and scalable ways to increase women’s engagement in their communities.

InfluenceHER: A virtual program for 11th and 12th grade high school girls, introducing them to Orthodox Jewish women who are making a unique impact on the Jewish community and the world at large.

PROGRAMMING IDEA LAB: Virtual workshops for women offering a collaborative space for strategizing about new approaches to the development of successful holiday and yearlong community initiatives. Workshops are led by experienced lay leaders and professionals.

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