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Whether it’s the critically acclaimed Jewish Action magazine or the OU Guide to Passover, OU Publications has something for everyone.

Its plethora of publications, enjoyed by millions of Jews worldwide, give voice to a diverse array of opinions and ideas within the Orthodox Jewish community.

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Photo on left: Rockower-Award winning Jewish Action articles.
Photo on right: In recognition of Jewish Action’s quality journalism, the magazine has won prestigious Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence for the past nine years.

Print and Digital Publications

Jewish Action

As COVID-19 struck, Jewish Action launched a series exploring life in a pandemic, starting with “The Corona Diaries,” emphasizing how innovation and chessed has defined the Jewish community’s response to COVID-19. Reaching some 180,000 readers across North America and Israel, Jewish Action offers thought-provoking, intellectually-sophisticated articles on topics of interest to the Orthodox reader.

And the Winner Goes To...

Jewish Action won three Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism, which were presented virtually by the American Jewish Press Association (AJPA) for articles printed in 2019. Winners were: "Dating With a Mental Disorder," "Remembering the 1929 Hebron Massacre," and "A New Stage, A New Chapter, A New Life: After Retirement."

The World’s Favorite Bencher

The NCSY Bencher is a staple in Jewish homes around the world and across the Jewish spectrum. It is common to see Jews of various backgrounds seated together, NCSY Bencher in hand, joining their unique voices in harmony. For those unfamiliar with the liturgy, the NCSY Bencher app offers the opportunity to study and become more familiar with the songs and text.

Pre-Shabbat Inspiration

With content curated from guest columnists, published authors, and well-known speakers, the Shabbat Shalom Weekly email newsletter inspires thousands of Jews each week before Shabbat with informative, interesting, and inspirational content delivered straight to their inboxes.

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