Calculating And Enhancing Our Impact

The Center for Communal Research evaluates the OU’s impact on the communities it serves, while producing actionable insights and growth opportunities for the organization’s professional staff.

The information gathered from our research also helps inform the OU’s larger strategy.

The Center invited Orthodox Jewish singles to enter a photo contest in conjunction with a study of the lives of Orthodox Jewish singles—from dating to spirituality.

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Photo on left: First place photo entry, Will I Find, by Lior Melnick, was chosen for its creativity, quality, and originality.

Discovering Data-driven Solutions To Jewish Challenges

Understanding Orthodoxy in America

A groundbreaking survey of American Orthodox Jews will provide critical insight into the world of today’s American Jewry—including its sociodemographic characteristics, religious and spiritual realities, and political views. The study will help policymakers and practitioners understand the vulnerabilities and vitalities within the Orthodox community, as well as possible intervention points.

Guiding Us Through the Pandemic: Who’s Suffering?

A variety of studies conducted by the Center have helped guide the OU through the pandemic. One study focused on the mental health of community members, an early concern that drove significant policy and halachic decisions.

In this study, the Center discovered (a finding later confirmed by the American Psychological Association) that those between the age of 18 and 34, especially those who faced economic insecurity, were most at risk for depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Other studies focused on the ability of organizations to function during times of economic uncertainty, and understanding the pandemic’s impact on physical health, financial wellbeing, and religious experiences. The evidence-based results have been used to help organizations successfully adapt and design for impactful interventions.

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Runner up photo, titled Oh, the Places You’ll Pray, by Elisheva Ryp. “Exploring the world allows me the opportunity to express my awe and gratitude to G-d through prayer, which, in turn, solidifies my faith in Him.”
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