Fasting 101: Preparing for and Breaking Your Tisha B’Av Fast

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08 Aug 2019

With the 9th of Av upon us, it’s a good time to go over how to prepare for and how to break a fast. When I speak with my clients about fasting, I often hear, “I get so sick when I have to fast,” or “I start out fine but I get a terrible headache,” and the very common “I am fine during the fast, but after I break the fast, I can’t function for hours and I feel awful.” I know that many years ago, prior to learning how to prepare for and break a fast, there were times I could have said all of the above. For the vast majority of people, if you prepare for and break the fast according to our tips, you will be just fine. Yes, you could get hungry and thirsty, but that is normal. Here are some simple instructions to help you along.



I once saw a neighbor after a fast who followed these tips. He told me that for the first time ever in his adult life, he felt well and had no headache. He was totally functional and didn’t feel over-bloated and weak. So, start preparing for and breaking the fast according to these instructions. You will feel better, and you will be all ready to enjoy the rest of your summer

Preparing for a fast and breaking it properly is just another way to “add hours to your days, days to your years, and years to your lives.”

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.