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Alan Freishtat

Alan Freishtat

Alan Freishtat is an A.C.E. CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER and a BEHAVIORAL CHANGE and WELLNESS COACH with over 19 years of professional experience. Alan is the creator and director of the “10 Weeks to Health” program for weight loss. He is available for private coaching sessions, consultations, assessments and personalized workout programs both in his office and by telephone and skype. Alan also lectures and gives seminars and workshops. He can be reached at 02-651-8502 or 050-555-7175, or by email at alan@alanfitness.com Check out the his web site – www.alanfitness.com US Line: 516-568-5027

Summer’s Here – Take Some Precautions

June 21, 2018, by

The weather this spring has been crazy.  Here in Yerushalayim, unusually heavy rains at the end of April and even some rain into mid-May has had those of us who have lived here for a while talking about the weather quite a bit.  Unusual cold in the Eastern third of the United States and unusual

When I Went Shopping This Week

June 6, 2018, by

I usually do the grocery shopping.  And I usually go mid-week on the way home from work.  Needless to say, we make an effort to buy healthier choices.  But I’ve noticed lately, that the most innocent items on my wife’s shopping list are becoming a real challenge.  This past Wednesday I went to the grocery

Eat Those Fruits

May 31, 2018, by

This past Shabbos brought a certain amount of stress with it.  Stress on Shabbos?  Why?  A day away from work, removed from phones and technology and a day with more time to learn, daven and rest.  We were looking forward to guests for Shabbos lunch but this was exactly the root of the problem.  You

Is Your Food Safe?

May 24, 2018, by

We spend a lot of time thinking about and talking about nutrition and calories.  Is this food fattening?  Is that good for us? How processed is this?  But even the healthiest choices can cause us to feel sick and put our stomach and digestive tracts in great distress if not handled correctly.  At times, you


May 14, 2018, by

I met Shelly when she came into our program a few months ago.  When she called to make her appointment, she told me over the phone that her doctor had been nagging her for a while to lose 5 or 6 kilo in order to improve her health.  Slight high blood pressure and pre-diabetes had

Get up and go! Regaining our Energy

May 9, 2018, by

A newer client of mine came back after Pesach and told me the following.  She was in the midst of her pre-Pesach cleaning when she discovered something hard to believe.  She came home from a long day at work and was faced with more cleaning to do and was exhausted beyond belief.  She took a

Patience and Grit

May 1, 2018, by

It’s not every day that someone who starts our program is 157 cm (about 5 feet 2 inches) tall, 53 years old (a difficult time for any female to be losing weight) and weighs 155 kilograms. Her BMI? More than 62! It won’t surprise you when I say that there is some high blood pressure,

Are You Still Dieting? Stop now! (Part 2)

April 25, 2018, by

In part one of this article we examined why, in spite of their overwhelming popularity, diets are failures. We established that adherence is the most important component of a food program for success along with avoidance of all or nothing thinking.  The article also stated that small, gradual changes are best for changing poor habits

Are You Still Dieting? Stop Now! (Part 1)

April 18, 2018, by

My clients and people in general ask me a lot of questions about health and fitness.  But there is one question I just won’t answer; “What do you think about the ______diet?”  Why don’t I answer? Because unless they are referring to specific food programs like the DASH diet or a Mediterranean food program, the

After Pesach! What can be different this time?

April 10, 2018, by

Here we go again!  Your clothes are tight, the scale is up and you might even be feeling just a bit lethargic.  Most of you are already starting or considering a diet.  DON’T DO IT!  Let’s get back to the basics of good eating, putting more activity and exercise into your life and this time

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