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Alan Freishtat

Alan Freishtat

Alan Freishtat is an A.C.E. CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER and a BEHAVIORAL CHANGE and WELLNESS COACH with over 19 years of professional experience. Alan is the creator and director of the “10 Weeks to Health” program for weight loss. He is available for private coaching sessions, consultations, assessments and personalized workout programs both in his office and by telephone and skype. Alan also lectures and gives seminars and workshops. He can be reached at 02-651-8502 or 050-555-7175, or by email at alan@alanfitness.com Check out the his web site – www.alanfitness.com US Line: 516-568-5027

Taking Care of Our Brains

February 19, 2019, by

We all know by now the profound impact food consumption has on our health.  But when we think about food and health, we usually are thinking about our heart and circulatory system.  We all know that high consumption of healthy options and the reduction of poor quality processed foods can prevent heart disease and even

What a Pleasant Surprise

February 12, 2019, by

While many clients come to me in order to lose weight, there are usually health issues involved that are more important to address than just losing the extra weight. There are the typical problems of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and muscular-skeletal problems including lower back pain. Some have auto-immune issues such as inflammatory

Combating Adolescent Obesity

February 5, 2019, by

It’s happening all too often.  The phone rings in my office and another mother is calling about her teenage daughter or son who is, at this early age, struggling with being overweight or obese.  Some of them already have high blood sugar, high cholesterol or even high blood pressure. This is, unfortunately, becoming commonplace. Adolescent

What a Pleasant Surprise

January 28, 2019, by

People sign up for our various programs in our health clinic for a variation of reasons.  Although many clients come here in order to lose weight, there are usually health issues involved that are more important to address than just losing the extra weight. There are the typical problems of diabetes, high blood pressure, high

I Don’t Believe It (And Neither Should You)!

January 23, 2019, by

Yosef has a few medical issues and will be starting our 10 Week program soon. He came to see me in my office for a consultation. Aside from being overweight and sedentary, he has prediabetes and high blood pressure. Coupled with a poor family history, he decided that he should take action to reverse these

Simplifying Weight Loss

January 15, 2019, by

With the knowledge we have today, we know that losing weight and being able to keep it off is actually very complex.  There is no shortage as to the amount of factors involved.  To lose weight and to sustain that weight loss involves multiple disciplines.  Just in nutrition alone, we need to know about calories,

Are You Eating Enough?

January 9, 2019, by

It makes sense—just eat less and you will lose weight. That is what Davida and Gittel thought. Both in their mid to late 40’s, they came to me for consultations on weight loss several years ago. Both were on calorie restricting programs and were exercising to some extent, and both were very frustrated as all

The Back of the Box Only!

December 24, 2018, by

Often, my dieticians and hear about how healthy someone thinks they are eating. “After all,” they tell us, “I am careful to buy products with no harmful ingredients and I always try to buy something that contains whole grains, low salt, low sugar, no additives, no cholesterol, etc.” The problem is, they are being fooled

Do Carbs Get a Bad Rap?

November 28, 2018, by

We live in a world of extremes. In the last few decades, we have been treated to low carbs, high protein, low fat, low sugar, no sugar, high carbs, gluten free, etc.  It’s as if the quick fix elimination diet is the only way to achieve what we want.  But the statistics are telling us

Saved from the knife

November 13, 2018, by

At the time of writing this article, Elly is supposed to be on an airplane flying to the United States in order to get a very intricate and delicate surgery to repair a problem with the disk that sits in the lumbar spine between vertebrae L4 and L5.  Elly started to have severe lower back