Scalloped Potatoes

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Scalloped Potatoes
17 Sep 2015

As a rule of thumb, a scalloped potato recipe is layers of thinly sliced potato slices layered with cheese and/or butter. Once you finish layering the potatoes and whatever else, milk or cream is poured over the concoction and then you top it off with even more cheese or breadcrumbs. Some recipes call for the potatoes to be parboiled before they are sliced; others recipes prefer using raw potatoes. Both methods work just fine. The only other caveat is the type of potato you should use. I suggest using a baking potato, Idaho or russet. Most scalloped potato recipes use a 350-degree oven and are cooked for about an hour in a greased 9 x 13 pan or 4-quart bowl.

There are lots and lots of variations on the theme of scalloped potatoes. You can add veggies and lots and lots of herbs and spices. You can vary the kinds of cheeses and create a unique and flavorful eating experience. A smoked mozzarella will construct a radically different flavor than when you add Gouda, Parmesan or pepper jack. You can use and even combine a few different cheese to give the dish a really special flavor. Scalloped potato recipes often have a brown crumb or cheese crust called a gratin on top. You can choose to have a crunchy topping or not; it’s just another wonderful way to enhance your cheesy potato experience.

Whatever you decide to add or subtract from your scalloped potatoes, it’s all good.

Please note that you can use low-fat cheese, low-fat milk and any other low- or nonfat ingredient for the full fat ones in these recipes, but the consistency and flavor may be a little different.

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