Cobb Salad Recipes

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Cobb Salad
24 Sep 2015

Having a huge salad for lunch or dinner is a good thing. All your nutrition and healthy stuff lumped together in one bowl topped with a nice vinaigrette or creamy ranch is just about (calories aside, of course) the best meal you can make. I am a big fan of the Cobb salad.

The original Cobb salad was created in about 1936 by Robert Cobb, owner of the famous Hollywood eatery the Brown Derby. He was supposedly strolling through his kitchen one night, got an attack of the munchies and decided to make himself a little snack, a salad. He supposedly started pulling things out of the refrigerator and put together a unique and spectacular salad. The salad became an instant hit on the menu and variations of it have been served everywhere since.

Regardless of the ingredients you choose to use, include, delete or experiment with, the presentation of the Cobb salad plays an integral part in its appeal. The ingredients should be uniformly chopped, diced or julienned, arranged in stripes on top the lettuce, and dressed with a dressing (it can be served on the side too). The original Cobb salad dressing was a French dressing. Today’s new and improved Cobb salads are usually offered with either a house “special” dressing or the dinner’s choice. Since French dressing goes especially well with blue cheese (and yes you can get a kosher blue cheese) those of you that must have it in your salad might want to try that variety of dressing first.

In my not so humble opinion, a Cobb salad, other than the original recipe, is a variation on a theme salad that reflect a creative chefs need to throw everything but the kitchen sink in a bowl and serve it.

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