Pareve Vegan Cholent

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No Meat

Just take any Chulent recipe you’re happy with and eliminate the meat. You might want to add a little Pareve Beef base . It will be just as good!

Reader’s Note:

Dear Rebbe:

I have perused your recipe’s and wan tto coment on the one for Parve Chulent. Simply taking the meat out and adding Parve beef soup mix, would still leave a very bland chulent. Since I am on a low cholesterol diet I had to come up with a great tasting parve chulent for me and the rest of the family. This is what I do.

For an family of 5-
Soak 1 cup mixed bean.overnight. The more types the better. White, Navy, Pea, Cranberry, kidney, Butter, Cow, Lentil, Yellow and Green split Peas, Lima. Since beans are incomplete proteins, the more the merrier mixture will yield complete proteins and give the chulent a wonderful texture.

Place in Crock pot or Dutch Oven cover with water cook for 1 hr .

I peel and cut a medium potato per person (Preferably a Maine all purpose or Yukon Gold}), ¼ -1/3 cup of barley and two onions cut into eight. Add to pot

Then we spice the chulent. 1TBSP Salt, and then to taste- Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, fresh Ground Pepper, Hot Pepper Sauce, Red Pepper Flakes, Tumeric, Ginger, and about 1 tsp of dried Majoram Leaves. Place in Pot and stir well. Then put in enough Paprika ( sweet or hot to your taste) to cover the water entirely and turn the mixture red. Cook another ½ hour covered, seal and place on blech or set crock pot on low for shabbos.

It was our experience that the intricate array of spices melding together with the different types of beans, would be a satisfactory substitute for the geshmake taste of the meat that is missing.

All the best,

Fivel (Cooks on East 12th off J)

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