Masei: Recipes for the Road

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“These are the journeys of the Children of Israel…”

We end off Sefer Bamidbat, the Book of Numbers, this week. Parshat Masei speaks about our journeys in the desert. Read in the summer, it is a time when we often journey from home (and out into the heat) to see new things, meet new people and explore new places. To help you out with the ‘Tzeidah l’derech”, the food for the way, below are a few recipes to take with you.

It often feels when taking a trip that you’ve packed ‘everything but the kitchen sink’, and sometimes even that too. In an effort, to travel a bit more lightly I’ve included a small list of kitchen essentials to take with you.

Bon Voyage, Yochanan

Founder of The Jerusalem Culinary Institute


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