Jalapeno Popper Recipes

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Jalapeno Poppers
21 Sep 2015

Jalapeno Popper recipes are sort of self explanatory (and really easy to make) snacks. Simply put, you stuff a hollowed out jalapeno pepper with whatever delicious filling you like, cook it and pop it in your mouth, where your taste buds get a POP of favor. You can eat them fresh; you can grill them, bake them or even fry them. Sometimes they’re even wrapped in batter or breadcrumb-coated and then cooked just the way you like them. Whatever method you choose, they’re terrific.

The simplest way to make a popper is to slice off the top of the jalapeno and remove the pepper’s seeds and membrane with a thin knife or a pepper corer. BE CAREFUL if you’re using your fingers. The oil from the pepper can really sting and burn if you happen to get it in your eyes, so wash your hands after handling the raw peppers. Basic popper recipes call for stuffing the pepper with some kind of shredded cheese or cream cheese or a mixture, but you can pretty much stuff your pepper with anything your heart desires. After stuffing the peppers, they are typically breaded or dipped in a batter and then cooked. You don’t have to bread the peppers, but it does help keep the filling inside.

I believe that baked poppers are just as delicious as the deep-fried variety and tend to have fewer calories. I would suggest that you coat them with some type of breading when baking, as it helps keep the cheese from spreading too much. I always put foil on a cookie sheet with sides and then spray it with a nonstick spray before I bake mine.

The following recipes run the gamut from super easy to a tad complicated. Where there is meat, I’ve used the nondairy cream cheese and it works really well.

NOTE: You can use sweet peppers instead of hot ones if your heat tolerance isn’t so great. If you find the hot is too hot, don’t drink water, as it won’t help. Try drinking some milk; it breaks down the oils that spread the heat.

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