Dessert Pizza Recipes

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Dessert Pizza
24 Sep 2015


You have 10 seconds; name your favorite pizza topping. If you said onion or peppers or even mushrooms you fall within about 85% of the rest of the population of America in your choice. However, if like me, you answered chocolate or M&Ms or even raspberries, you’re thinking outside the pizza box and dreaming about dessert pizza.

Crazy, you say? Well then sign me up for that straight jacket, because a dessert pizza is just as delicious as a “regular” pizza, only it satisfies a different taste bud and or sweet tooth. It is typically made with a sweet dough or cookie dough that contains sugar, brown sugar or honey. The toppings can include a sweetened cream cheese or ricotta and can be topped with fresh or canned fruit, drizzled or sprinkled with chocolate of some kind, caramel topping, marshmallow topping, nuts, chocolate chips, candy or whatever else you can find in your pantry that would add to the pizza’s deliciousness

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