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Yaffa Ganz

Timeless Teachers

May 31, 2006, by

Shavuot is a particularly auspicious time for learning Torah. It’s also a good time to remember the people who are responsible for supplying us with the tools for and the love of learning – the teachers of Torah . As a student of long standing, as the wife of a life-long teacher, as the mother

This – My Land, My People, My State

May 5, 2006, by

Yaffa Ganz © 2006There are those who say the present state of the Israeli State is not enough. Enough? I say. Nothing man has is ever enough.   There are those who say that patriotism for the Jewish State is not eminently respectable nowadays. Faulty, unstable, imperfect, this is not the State we hoped for.

A Family Affair

April 7, 2006, by

On the tenth of this month they shall take for themselves, each man, a lamb or kid for each father’s house, a lamb or kid for the household. [Shemos 12,3.] * Moses called to all the elders of Israel and said to them, “Draw forth or buy for yourselves one of the flock for your