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Raffi Bilek

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Rabbi Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C, is the director of the Baltimore Therapy Center, where he provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families, and offers workshops on a range of family-related topics. For more information, see http://www.baltimoretherapycenter.com or http://www.frumcounselor.com.

Sexual Abuse Prevention: Choosing the Right Words

June 10, 2015, by

This article first appeared on the blog for Baltimore Therapy Center. There is a difference of opinions out there as to whether it is important to use the proper names for private parts when teaching children about their bodies and discussing sexual abuse issues (i.e., not the latest news story but what they need to

Techniques in Childrearing #1

April 21, 2015, by

I’ll tell you a story. This story happened right around an hour ago. And I thought it was a good illustration of one of the principles I routinely teach about parenting, namely, distraction. With young children, distraction is usually the first choice for intervention techniques in high-stress moments. To wit: My wife just came out

Therapy Needs Some Therapy

October 11, 2012, by

There’s no shame in asking for help–but it’s a shame when we feel we can’t. Adjusting our perspective on therapy would benefit us all.