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Rabbi Amichai Gordin

Early “Zionism” in Meah Shearim

May 10, 2007, by

A Lesson For the Children – “This is insane! I will not agree to put myself and our children in danger!” That is what Esther said. “We have no other choice,” replied her husband, Yaacov. “The situation in the city can no longer be tolerated. Just look at our little girl, Racheli, she is burning

The British Sailors and the Man Who Picked Figs

April 26, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – The British treasury officials were shocked. The mystery appeared to be unsolvable. The mail ships that sailed from England to America took two weeks longer than commercial ships plying the same route. “This is not reasonable,” the officials said to the Minister of Posts of the colonies, Benjamin Franklin. “Why should

The Frog and the “Steipler” Rabbi

March 28, 2007, by

Holy and Secular: How were the frogs distributed throughout all of the land of Egypt? Rabbi Akiva gives us a very amazing explanation. “There was one frog, and the Egyptians would hit it with a stick. As they struck it, other frogs would fall away from it, until the whole land of Egypt was filled

Different Ways of Looking at Things

March 15, 2007, by

Holy and Secular: “The plague is spreading, it includes almost the entire city,” the physician reported to the mayor, “Our beautiful city Sura looks like a battlefield.” And the mayor asked, “You said that the plague has reached most of the city. What areas has it not yet attacked?” The physician replied, “Only one area

Is Everything Lost?

March 1, 2007, by

Holy and Secular “She is insane, simply insane,” one of the young maidservants said. “She has simply gone mad. You know very well that I would have no problem fasting for three days for her, if it would be any help at all. But in this case, no fasting will help.” “You are so right,”