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Rabbi Amichai Gordin

Kohelet and Iyov

October 1, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – The plant manager had just finished a very successful meeting. He leaned back in his chair in satisfaction, and looked at the New Year’s card that he had received. “Our best wishes for having been chosen as the Man of the Year – from your colleagues in the manufacturer’s association.” He

The Power of a Good Word

September 20, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – One of the harshest punishments that can be meted out to a sports team is to force it to play far away from its home field. This means that the team must play without the support of fans watching the game. Not only does the team lose financially, its chance of

Who is Not Allowed to Marry?

August 30, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – Lyndon Johnson was the thirty-sixth President of the United States. He was known as a brilliant politician, ambitious and with a strong will. When he was a Senator, Johnson published a very interesting article called “My Political Philosophy,” where he wrote: “I am a free man, an American, a United States

The Lady From Netivot

August 15, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – “Unmitigated gall!” a visitor said, “They should give us our money back.” And another visitor said, “This country has no shame. If they decided to collect an admission fee for the exhibition, the decision should not be changed suddenly, in the middle of the day.” And a third visitor said, “If

The Word is Still “Disengagement”

August 1, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – “I want to present to you the ‘disengagement’ program,” the Prime Minister said. “It is not ‘disengagement,’ it is expulsion!” was the angry reply. But in reality the past two years have demonstrated that the Prime Minister was right. The name “disengagement” is indeed a very good description of the process.

An Instantaneous Verdict

July 12, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – The King was weary, frustrated, and humiliated. His beloved son had started a revolution against him. Now he was forced to flee from the palace in Jerusalem. As he descended the Mount of Olives, heading towards the east, the King met Tziva, who was coming towards him accompanied by two donkeys,

What Made Father Furious?

July 4, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – “I want some orange juice,” the child screamed. His mother, who was weary at the end of a full day, poured him a full glass. The boy looked at the glass with great joy. He grabbed the glass and quickly ran to the living room with a cry of victory. “Where

The Symbol on the Grave

June 21, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – Note: Two weeks ago (in an article called, “The Package, the Merchant, and the Taxi Driver“), we wrote that the Almighty wants us to feel good about performing the mitzvot, which should be done in a calm way and not through suffering. However, we noted that sometimes the observance of a

The Package, the Merchant, and the Taxi Driver

June 7, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – The taxi driver’s hands felt heavy. But just when he decided to put the sign down and rest his weary hands, the merchant appeared at the gate of the terminal. The driver, who was able to identify the merchant both from the picture that he had been given and from his

The Occupation

May 10, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – “Forty years since the liberation of Jerusalem,” the sign at the entrance to the capital declares. “Forty years of occupation,” is written on a sign at an art exhibit in the Tel Aviv area. “The beginning of the era of our redemption,” the rabbi shouted in his sermon. “It was all