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Adina Soclof

Adina Soclof

Adina Soclof, MS. CCC-SLP is a certified Speech Pathologist. She received her master's degree from Hunter College in New York in Communication Sciences. She works as a Parent Educator for Bellefaire Jewish Children's Bureau facilitating "How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk" workshops as well as workshops based on “Siblings Without Rivalry.” Adina developed TEAM Communication Ventures and conducts parenting, teacher and clinician workshops via telephone nationwide. Adina lives with her husband and four lively children in Cleveland, Ohio. You can visit her at website at www.parentingsimply.com.

4 Simple Ways To Stop Criticizing Your Kids

December 21, 2016, by

“I know I am overly critical, but I can’t seem to stop myself!” “My kids get hurt and upset when I tell them what to do. Am I being too harsh?” “I had huge doses of criticism from my parents and I don’t want to do that to my kids. What can I do instead?”

Post Yom Tov Blues: 3 Ways To Get Your Kids Back On Track

October 27, 2016, by

Sadly, the Yom Tovim have ended. Now it is back to life. Most parents and children do better with a routine. However, when we have not been on a regular schedule for a long time (since Rosh Hashana), it can be tricky to get back on track. This is what we call a transition time.

5 Phrases That Stop Chutzpah In It’s Tracks

September 21, 2016, by

Yom Tov is coming up. We might not want to admit it, but it can be a tense time. There is a lot of work to be done and not so much time to do it. Kids might feel neglected, and parents feel overworked. That can set tempers flaring. We often respond to our children’s

5 Ways To Get Your Children To Love The High Holidays

September 21, 2016, by

The Jewish Holidays are right around the corner. In just 2 weeks it is Rosh Hashana. Although we are all busy cooking, and cleaning, we don’t want to forget our kids. We want to make sure that they look forward to the holidays themselves. Here are 5 ways we can do just that: 1. Don’t

Top 4 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Pray

September 15, 2016, by

Knowing how to pray is probably one of the most essential tools that a Jew needs to live his life in a meaningful way. It is through prayer that we connect with G-d. It is an anchor in times of trouble. It gives solace and is a healthy outlet for our anger at the injustices

Parenting 101: Surviving the Summer’s End

August 17, 2016, by

At the beginning of the summer we had our Lunchbreak Webinar, “School’s Out: Family Friendly Lessons to Learn”. In the class, we had some great ideas on how to manage those lazy, unstructured days of summer vacation. The last few weeks of summer are here. Most camps are done and many families take vacations or

Shavuot: Use Words To Promote Achdut At Home

June 9, 2016, by

As we approach Shavuot,a time when the Jewish people were unified at Har Sinai, we will read The pasuk “Vayichan sham Yisrael neged ha’har–and the Jews encamped opposite the mountain.” Vayichan is the singular form, although they were talking about the entire Jewish people. Rashi comments that the Jewish people at Har Sinai were k’ish echad

Helping Children to Problem-Solve

June 2, 2016, by

Children have the best ideas on how to deal with any problems that we may have and they love it when we ask for their input. Involving kids in a problem solving session, helps increase their self-esteem, builds their cognitive flexibility muscles and teaches them that they are capable and can handle the little and