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Adina Soclof

Adina Soclof, MS. CCC-SLP is a certified Speech Pathologist. She received her master's degree from Hunter College in New York in Communication Sciences. She works as a Parent Educator for Bellefaire Jewish Children's Bureau facilitating "How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk" workshops as well as workshops based on “Siblings Without Rivalry.” Adina developed TEAM Communication Ventures and conducts parenting, teacher and clinician workshops via telephone nationwide. Adina lives with her husband and four lively children in Cleveland, Ohio. You can visit her at website at www.parentingsimply.com.

9 Ways to Actually Enjoy Your Family Vacation

July 25, 2018, by

There are many benefits to having a family vacation. It is a time to bond with our families, stretch our horizons, and learn something new. Sometimes we just need to get away from our everyday lives in order to truly relax. However, family vacations can also be stressful. I often think it is because we

Five Simple Summer Activities for Kids

June 20, 2018, by

I am so glad that summer is finally here. Summer to me is sunshine, flowers in full bloom, warm weather, watermelon and ice cream; lots and lots of ice cream. This is the time to get outside and enjoy nature. Time in nature has tremendous benefits. It is a surefire way to decrease stress in

Shavuot and Mother’s Day

May 16, 2018, by

Shavuot follows Mother’s Day this year. What do the themes of these days have in common? Find out in this video from Parent Educator, Adina Soclof.

Moms: Simple Ways To Make Your Day Better

May 7, 2018, by

Although the school year is winding down, parents are still always on the lookout for tips to make daily routines with children easier. Here are some simple ways to do that: Mornings: Take time for yourself: Try to wake up early and get yourself organized before the morning rush. Drink your coffee, daven or just

Elul: 4 Ways To Ensure Your Family Has a Peaceful Year

September 7, 2017, by

The best advice I got about family relationships was this: Don’t talk when you are angry. It should go without saying then, that we should not engage in any type of conversation with our kids when they are angry. This is easier said then done, obviously. There are some things that children say that just

Teaching Children To Live Their Lives With Passion and Purpose

July 6, 2017, by

There is a famous parable of three bricklayers building a Synagogue They are asked, “What are you doing?” The first says, “I am laying bricks.” The second says, “I am building a Synagogue.” The third says, “I am building the house of G-d.” The first bricklayer has a job. The second has a career. The

4 Simple Ways to Give to Your Child

May 23, 2017, by

“Mommy, just one more book!” “Daddy, play with me.” “Watch me! Look what I can do!” There is nothing more important to a child then their parent’s love and attention. It is critical to a child’s healthy development. If a child is not getting the love and attention that they need in positive ways, they

7 Ways to Be A Better Mom

May 8, 2017, by

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I always tell my kids that being a Mom is the best job out there. However, it definitely is one of those jobs where you can feel unappreciated.

Purim: Teaching Jewish Children To Be Courageous

March 7, 2017, by

We all love Purim, the megillah reading, the graggers, the mishloach manot, the candy, the costumes and the parties. We  also love the Purim story. Good against evil and our people’s ultimate triumph. We gladly pay homage to Mordechai and Esther the true heroes who went to bat for the Jewish people. They showed a

3 Ways To Help Your Children Succeed At School

February 27, 2017, by

As Jews, we take education seriously, we always have. Every day, in Shema, we reiterate the importance of Jewish education, “Veshinantam L’baneicha” However, nowadays, we seem to have taken it to a new level, every parent seems to be on edge when it comes to discussing their child’s academic abilities. Parents are worried when their