Adina Hershberg

Sandy in the East and the Sandy South

November 17, 2012, by

Israel and the United States have had a lot in common recently. While rockets rain down on southern Israel, torrential rain and havoc-wreaking winds have cruelly visited the eastern coast of the United States. As a victim of Hurricane Agnes in June of 1972, wherein the deluged Susquehanna River broke through its dikes and flooded

The Return

October 18, 2007, by

Every so often the guilt would re-surface, gnawing at my soul. How could I have let so many years pass by without returning to say a personal thank you? My first encounter with Rachel was in 1977 during my third year in college when I came to learn at a yeshiva in Jerusalem. It was

Convoy to Sderot

October 11, 2007, by

I wanted to do more than just send the occasional cake for Shabbat. The email caught my eye. It described the plan for people from all over Israel to meet near Kibbutz Yad Mordechai on erev Shabbat and travel in a car convoy to Sderot in order to conduct one’s food shopping and make other

Faith in Chevron

August 30, 2007, by

A minyan of cars weaved its way through the tan and green countryside of the Judean Hills. My husband and I lagged behind because we had stopped to pick up trempistim, hitchhikers. Arab villages with their minarets popped into view during most of the ride to Kiryat Arba. We drove through well kept Kiryat Arba

Showering With Love

August 22, 2007, by

The Chattan, with gifts. I felt like I was the prophet Yonah, fleeing from G-d and His will. It all started at my weekly class on tefilla, prayer. One of the women in the class turned to me and asked, “How would you like to organize a bridal shower for a bride from Gush Katif?”


June 20, 2007, by

Adina with baby Chana. As a child growing up in a family with seven children, I chose eight as the number of children that I would like to have someday. Eight would mean that each child would have a built-in partner to hold hands with on a family trip. My husband and I were blessed

Bringing in the First Fruits

May 31, 2007, by

A kilometer away from our community of Rosh Tzurim in Gush Etzion, is a dirt road named Derech Avot, the way of the Patriarchs. In this area our forefathers and ancestors tread. Two mikvaot, ritual baths, were found in very close proximity of each other on Derech Avot. It is surmised that one was for

Battered By the Wind

November 16, 2006, by

Each weekday as I pray the morning prayers I see his face. He has done so much for us. How have we repaid him? Most of the Jewish world has abandoned him. On the balcony off our bedroom, tied tightly onto the bars with ropes, ripples a formerly red, white and blue banner with a

Seeking Refuge

August 10, 2006, by

A cool breeze blows on Shabbat evening as we sit on the white plastic Israeli-made swing. There are still vestiges of a multicolored sky which is slowly turning darker. Our view faces the even higher mountain community of Neve Daniel. It is quiet and serene. This is exactly what the woman sitting next to me