“The Purim Story”: When did it Really Happen? Four Approaches to the Revolutionary Teaching of the Yerushalmi

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21 Feb 2019

The year of Purim was a leap year as is alluded to in the Megillah. In which month did Haman decree to kill the Jews? If so, then there should be no machloket as to when to celebrate Purim in a leap year – it should be in the Adar in which it occurred!

The Yereim: If the year in which Purim occurred was a leap year, there should be no such thing as Purim Katan (similar to one who observes yahrtzeit for a relative who died in Adar of a leap year)!

After Haman was hanged, 3 days after Haman made his decree Mordechai does nothing! He waits until Sivan 23 to send out a letter – 70 days later. Why?

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