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Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein currently serves as the Rav and Morah D"asra of Kehilas Ahavas Yisroel, a vibrant and bustling young Kehilla where he offers daily shiurim and guidance to more than 100 young families. Previously, he spent five years building up and reviving the oldest Orthodox shul in Kew Gardens Hills from a dwindling membership to a vibrant center of Torah learning for the entire Queens community, attracting dozens of new members of all ages. Among his many weekly shiurim, Rabbi Glatstein delivers a popular weekly shiur to Bnei Torah, Baaleh Batim and college students on Parshas HaShavua and other timely topics in his own shul as well as in Rabbi Oelbaum's shul, K'hal Nachlas Yitzchak, through the Agra-Dpirka shiur network. He is often invited to serve as a guest speaker in Yeshivos and Torah Institutions across the Tri-State area and his shiurim have been received enthusiastically by audiences of all backgrounds and affiliations. Rabbi Glatstein has semicha from the Rabbinical Seminary of America,Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim as well as from Harav Noach Isaac Oelbaum.

The Mystery of the Missing Day of the Three Weeks

July 11, 2018, by

Chazal say the two 21-day periods during the year, from Rosh Hashana to Hoshana Rabbah and from 17 Tammuz to the Tisha B’Av, correspond to the time it takes an egg to mature and an almond branch to blossom respectively. But from Shiva Asar B’Tammuz to Tisha B’Av is really 22 days! Shiur provided courtesy […]

The Mysterious Ancestry of David Hamelech

May 15, 2018, by

According to the Midrash, the daughters of Lot seemed to have been trying to orchestrate the ancestry of Mashiach by having a child with him. Why did God bring about Moshiach in a profane way? Download the mekorot here Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime