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Rabbi Yonah Sklare

Rabbi Yonah Sklare serves as the Resident Lecturer (Magid Shiur) of Congregation Shomrei Emunah of Baltimore. His fresh, creative approach to textual discovery, along with his warm captivating presentation style have attracted a large beloved following. He lectures extensively in the Baltimore-Washington area, and beyond as a Scholar in Residence. Rabbi Sklare received both his semicha and his PhD in Talmudic Law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College, and he has authored eight volumes of Talmudic novella.

Kislev: Finding Life Amidst the Dead of Winter

November 21, 2022, by

Although this time of year corresponds with the frigid winter, it is not a period of morbidity and despair, rather of hope and positivity. This is borne out by a deeper study of the mazal (zodiac sign) of Kislev: keshes (a rainbow). The hues of the rainbow’s light, coupled with the neiros Chanukah, iconize the […]

Sukkos: Finding Refuge in Ourselves

October 7, 2022, by

The Sukkah symbolizes refuge and protection, not only from the physical elements but from all danger. Most meaningfully, it shelters us the from stigmatizing feeling of unworthiness in Hashem’s eye, cradling us in the realization that He accepts us just as we are.

Teshuvah: Embrace Yourself, Don’t Negate Yourself

September 30, 2022, by

Our past sins need not be seen as devilish and fundamentally dirty, as the proverbially demons which we forever chase. To the contrary, authentic teshuvah is an art of reframing, recasting uncomfortable failure as a welcome opportunity for personal growth. We do not castigate any aspects of ourselves, but rather redirect wayward passions of the […]

Elul: The Poignant Inner Voice When the Shofar Falls Silent

September 20, 2022, by

The shofar is blaring and noisy. It seeks to be invasive! Like the shrill alarm clock, it wakes us up from our stupor and spiritual apathy. But then comes and even more powerful sound, powerful in its silence–the ”קול דממה דקה”, our quiet inner voice. Lasting teshuvah is cast by the spell of this composed […]

Elul: It’s About Love, Not Fear

September 13, 2022, by

Many people assume that this period is associated with the frightful judgment which awaits us on Rosh Hashana. This attitude is deeply rooted in lore, for example the Yiddish legend that ‘’in Elul even the fish tremble.’’ However, when we research the significance of Elul in primary sources a very different perspective emerges. Elul is […]

Shavuos: The Role of Humanism in Matan Torah

May 31, 2022, by

Humanism, culture, and character development. All of these are valuable, even indispensable, but only as means to Matan Torah. First one must be a mensch, but menshlachkeit within itself rings hollow. Only Torah- our connection the Divine- can infuses meaning to our existence.

Shavuos: Fidelity in Our “Marriage” to the Torah

May 24, 2022, by

This shiur will develop the metaphor of marriage between the Jewish people and Torah. Just like in human relationship, this marriage is based not only on passion and love, but on loyalty and trust as well. We are ‘’good listeners’’ who hear want the Torah wants, and remain fully committed to her interests.

Asking Hashem the Mah Nishtana

April 11, 2022, by

The loving exchange between parents and children at the Seder by extension informs our conception of Hashem as our Father in Heaven. This awareness turns the whole notion of authority figures on its head; the image of a caring parent supplants the tyrannical model of authority exuded by Pharaoh in Mitzrayim.