The Real Story of Purim

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28 Feb 2019
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The Purim story is the last time when all the Jews lived under one empire.

Normally when there is a war against one enemy we celebrate victory on one day, if the Jews in Shushan were still fighting on the 14th then the war wasn’t truly over until then.

Shushan had a wall – is that a reason to define its Purim by whether a city has a wall?

Why did Mordechai’s refusal to bow to Haman anger him so much that he decided to kill Mordechai? Why kill off a whole people because of one person? We know Haman wasn’t a madman; something doesn’t add up.

Usually we are only told of a person’s forebearers once, why does the Megillah tell us Haman’s lineage multiple times?

Why did Amalek embark on a suicidal mission to attack Bnei Yisrael in the desert – they travelled, armed, through five countries to wage war with a people who had just defeated the most powerful empire?

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