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Jewish Holidays

The holiday of Shavuot commemorates when the Jewish people received the Torah at Mount Sinai, 7 weeks after the departure from Egypt which we commemorate on the holiday of Passover.

Shavuos: The Role of Humanism in Matan Torah

May 31, 2022, by

Humanism, culture, and character development. All of these are valuable, even indispensable, but only as means to Matan Torah. First one must be a mensch, but menshlachkeit within itself rings hollow. Only Torah- our connection the Divine- can infuses meaning to our existence.

Shavuos: Fidelity in Our “Marriage” to the Torah

May 24, 2022, by

This shiur will develop the metaphor of marriage between the Jewish people and Torah. Just like in human relationship, this marriage is based not only on passion and love, but on loyalty and trust as well. We are ‘’good listeners’’ who hear want the Torah wants, and remain fully committed to her interests.

Showering on Yom Tov

August 26, 2021, by

In today’s world, where many people shower at least once daily, not showering can be a cause of discomfort. Where there are two days of Yom Tov – such as a Rosh Hashana in all places or other Chagim in chu’l, this concern is deepened. In some cases there can be three days of Chag […]