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Jewish Holidays

What is Purim?

March 8, 2019, by

What is Purim? Purim is the most joyous day in the Jewish calendar, celebrating the defeat of Haman, one of the most evil and vicious antagonists in all of human history, as recorded in the biblical book of Esther. Because of a slight to his own massive ego, Haman decreed death on the Jews of […]

Adar, Purim and the Joy of Being a Jew

March 5, 2019, by

As Adar Begins … One of the most beloved of all our halachot is, “When Adar arrives, we increase simcha, joy.” Without a doubt, there is a unique quality to the joy of Adar, and many feel the simcha of Purim has a special, vibrant character all its own. What is this special Purim simcha? […]

The Half Shekel and the Shekalim of Haman: What is the Connection?

March 3, 2019, by

There were two half-shekel offerings: a one-time donation (for the building of the mishkan) and the annual half shekel (for korbanot) – building fund vs. operating budget. Why was there an upper limit for the machatzit hashekel, why can’t a rich person give more? Reish Lakish says that the Machatzit HaShekel counters the shekalim that […]

The Real Story of Purim

February 28, 2019, by

The Purim story is the last time when all the Jews lived under one empire. Normally when there is a war against one enemy we celebrate victory on one day, if the Jews in Shushan were still fighting on the 14th then the war wasn’t truly over until then. Shushan had a wall – is […]