The Inner Circle



The Inner Circle

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Picture this: You are at a close friend’s wedding waiting for the bride and groom to appear in the ballroom. Suddenly the band leader introduces the couple for the very first time and the opening dance begins. After a song or two of circling the dance floor, suddenly the music changes and the groom/bride grabs hold of close family and friends to form the inner-circle. There is a palpable sense of joy as the inner circle harmoniously sings and dances in front of the royal king and queen of the celebration.

In Psalm ninety-eight King David foretells of the Shir Chadash – New Song when Hashem kaviyachol will invite his beloved children Beit Yisrael into the inner-circle. At that moment the members of the inner-circle will erupt in an unprecedented harmonious voice – Pitzchu, Verannenu Vezameyru.  Together with their voices will play a full orchestra – Zamru LaHashem Bechinor, Bechinor Vekol Zimra. The band will play with joy and inspire praise and gratitude in the hearts of all people in the world-  “Bachatzotzrot Vekol Shofar Hareeyu Lifnei Hamelech – With trumpets and Shofar blasts thou shalt call to the King.”   

The Psalm concludes with the description of the entire world in unparalleled song in front of G-d who is arriving to announce the Final Judgment over all His creations – “Yiram Hayam Umeloho, Teyvel Veyoshvey Vah Neharot Yimchau Chaf Yeraneynu. Lifnei Hashem Ki Bah Lishpot Haaretz… The sea, the earth and its inhabitants as well as the rivers will sing in unison as G-d arrives to judge His world.”

The question is why is this a joyous time? Perhaps it should be an anxious and tense time when Divine Justice will be meted out. The answer is that NOTHING is as uplifting and euphoric as The Truth. In life, one achieves genuine happiness and fulfillment when he experiences Truth. May we merit experiencing the ultimate Truth and happiness soon in our days.

Take Home Tip:  When we daven and do mitzvot let’s maintain an awareness that we – Am Yisrael–are in the inner-circle of Hashem. Being part of the inner-circle is both a privilege and a responsibility.

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