Tefillah Tips: Ashrei X

“זכר רב טובך יביעו, וצדקתך ירננו – The memory of Your abundant goodness they shall express, and of Your righteousness they will sing.”

Rav Schwab explains that after the previous verse wherein King David states that he himself will tell of G-d’s abundant goodness (וגדולותיך אספרנה), this next verse tells of when the nations of the world will join in praising G-d as well.

The commentaries remark that the word יביעו– they will express – originates from the word נוביה, which means to flow. This implies that their praises of G-d will flow effortlessly from their lips.

וצדקתך ירננו- of Your righteousness they will sing: The word צדקה implies an unearned gift. Therefore in addition to releasing overflowing praise, they will sing joyously due to the unmerited gifts they have received from Hashem.

Rav Miller zt”l points out based on this verse the need for our mindsets to be in a continuous state of gratitude. He states, “it is not enough to be thankful for a present at the moment of its acceptance, rather one should be continuously thankful for all that one has received and all that his family received as well”. As an example Rav Miller points to the second paragraph of ברכת המזון –נודה לך – Thank You (G-d) for the land of Israel, the Exodus from Egypt, our freedom from enslavement, the rite of Circumcision that symbolizes our eternal covenant with You, the Holy Torah You have granted us etc. Why must we recite these words after every meal that we eat? These gifts were granted to us thousands of years ago! Nevertheless, we must be thankful for all we received in the past as well as that which we receive presently.

May we see all the nations of the world begin to praise G-d  and recognize His righteousness. And may we be able to recite Psalms in the Beit Hamikdash soon in our days.

Take Home Tip: The first words we say each day upon waking are, מודה אני – Thank you Hashem. The first expression of praise we remark each morning in prayer is הודו לה’ –Thank you Hashem. And even our names, Jews – יהודים, actually translates as Thankers. In the time of Moshiach the entire world will express gratitude to G-d; it is our task to express our gratitude every single day.

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