Singing a New Song



Singing a New Song

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Psalm 96, Shiru LaShem Shir Chadash is all about singing a new song because in the times of Moshiach the entire world will change their views and “Sing a New Song”.

Let’s contemplate for a moment a few of the significant changes that will occur at the time of Geulah-Redemption.

A. The entire world population will recognize Hashem as THE G-d of the universe.

B. The entire world will also realize that there is NO OTHER power in the universe

outside of Hashem.

C.  The physical earth/world will return to its original shine. Ever since Adam and Eve’s

expulsion from the Garden of Eden and later Abel’s murdering of Cain

coupled with the myriad of other failings throughout the ages, our universe has simply

lost its luster.

At the time of Moshiach this too will return.

In Psalm 96, King David forecasts for us the fruition of the redemptive steps listed above.

Verses one through three speak of the World Chorus- Jews and non Jews alike, who will one day praise Hashem our G-d together- Shiru LaShem Kol Haaretz.

Verses 4-10 tell of the Nations of the world realizing that G-d is the ONLY G-d of the world. Therefore King David states, “Seu Mincha…Hishtachavu LaShem..-Bring gifts to G-d at His Temple and bow down to Him”.

Verses 11-13 foretell an exquisite picture of The World itself i.e. Nature in all of its beauty, expressing joy and deliverance and extolling the greatness of Hashem.

Finally we must note the double language of  Ki Vah, Ki Vah Haaretz – When G-d comes, comes..? What is this coming to teach us?

The Radak states that it is purely poetic and there for emphasis. The Malbim however teaches that at the time of Moshiach, Hashem will interact with our world both within nature and Nisi, above nature. The double language announcing the “Coming of Hashem” refers to both dimensions of his presence on earth.

Take Home Tip: The next time we look at parts of nature – oceans, trees, stars, even snow, consider how they are the handiwork of G-d and that one day, they too will praise Hashem in the times of Moshiach.


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