Kedushah II

26 Feb 2013

We learned last week that reciting Kedushah is literally chanting the angelic songs of heaven. In this tip we will attempt to understand the structure and content of Kedushah.

Naaritzecha Venakdishecha Kesod Siach Sarfei Kodesh… We will express our awe of You and sanctify You just as the angels do in heaven

The commentaries explain that the double language of “Naaritzecha Venakdishecha- We will express our awe of You and sanctify You” is because although G-d’s fingerprints (so to speak) are on so many striking and beautiful parts of the world in front of our eyes, we understand that there is so much about G-d and His actions that we cannot and will never understand. Therefore we recite both “Naaritzecha Venakdishecha – We will express our awe of what we see, and sanctify You for what we cannot see.”

We then model the angels and say in unison, “Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Hashem Tzevakot Meloh Chol HaAretz Kevodo – Holy, Holy, Holy is G-d that fills the world with His honor.”

The implication here is that G-d’s abundant and universal holiness fills every crevice of our world. There is nowhere that G-d’s holiness does not reach.

At this point the ministering angels are puzzled as to where G-d’s holiness emanates from. “Ayeh Mekom Kvodo? – Where does the holiness come from?” We then model the angels that answer, “Baruch Kvod Hashem Mimkomo – Blessed is the glory of Hashem from His place.”

The Dovair Shalom explains the meaning of the words, “Blessed is the glory of Hashem from His place”. It states NOT that G-d’s holiness fills the world. Rather that THE WORLD IS IN G-D. That is why G-d’s holiness is found everywhere.

The Kedushah then continues with, “Mimkomo Hu Yeefen Berachamim… From His place He will turn with compassion….”

* After we have praised G-d with the heavenly phrases – we pray with humility as well as confidence that G-d indeed will turn to us in mercy and listen to our praises and declarations of His oneness.

“Shema… Vehu Yashmiyanu Berachamav…Hear oh Israel… Then G-d will  reveal Himself and His glory as He did by the Exodus from Egypt and pronounce-Ani Hashem Elokaychem – I am the Lord your G-d.”

* We conclude with the recital of Yimloch Hashem Leolam… May G-d reign over us and Israel for all eternity.

Take Home Tip: Kedushah means to praise and sanctify. We may wonder, are we actually able to properly praise and sanctify G-d? It is G-d that creates and sanctifies the world around us! The answer is – a resounding YES. Klal Yisroel has been granted the privilege of Prayer to praise and sanctify the King of Kings-Hashem.