Ashrei XX

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“צדיק ה’ בכל דרכיו וחסיד בכל מעשיו – Hashem is just in all ways and kindly in all deeds.”

The Etz Yosef explains that this verse demonstrates that G-d’s interaction with humanity is sometimes commensurate with the behavior of the individual, and sometimes Hashem gifts us with more than we deserve.

There are people who presently walk in the ways of the Torah properly, and Hashem rewards them according to their deeds: צדיק ה’  – G-d is righteous. There are others who do not yet live up to their potential. G-d decrees for these underachievers a genuine kindness even if they are not yet deserving of it: חסיד – G-d extends kindness that is above and beyond.

Rav Miller explains differently. He advances that our verse reflects the divine bounty provided to the world and the kindness embedded therein. Is it not enough that there is food in the world, but it tastes great too, and the eating process is a pleasurable one? “The fact is that the functions of life have been prepared for us with graciousness, kindliness, and mercy.” This is what is meant – “G-d is just/kind in ways and deeds”.

Human life has been endowed with pleasant methods for survival.

May we all merit to see and appreciate G-d’s righteousness and kindliness.