Ahavah Rabbah II

21 Feb 2013

Vahavieynu Leshalom Mearbah Kanfot Haaretz, Vetoliychaynu komimiyut LeartzaynuHe will bring us in peace from the four corners of the earth standing upright to our land.
The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 17:7 writes that when we recite Vahavieynu Leshalom Mearbah Kanfot Haaretz……,
we take the four Tzitzit from the four corners of the Tallith in our left hand between the ring finger and the pinky
and hold them close to our hearts. Later in the Tefillah, we will kiss them each time we say the word Tzitzith. As we
declare that G-d will bring us to peace from the four corners of the earth, we take our Dalet Kanfos, our four
cornered garment, the tzitzit and bring them together towards our hearts, the place of personal peace.
Take note – the verse states that we will not only be brought home to the land of Israel, but we will be brought to
Shalom / Peace. The Vilna Gaon explains that peace and unity is established when we are not concerned with our
own wants and desires, rather we focus on Divine decrees and desires. When the nations of the world will look
upwards and devote themselves to what G-d truly wants and not what each nation / individual wants, Shalom will
be achieved.
Komimiyut – We will be brought upright- this has several interpretations. Rabbi Baruch Halevy Epstein zt”l states
that it means we should come back deserving to be in our homeland. It should not only be because of the
magnanimity of G-d. Rav Schwab zt”l explains that Komimiyut means having reached our potential. While we are
living in foreign lands with foreign cultures and governments we are not able to reach our potential. It is only in the
land of Israel, where we will live under the eternal law of Torah and Mitzvoth that our potential will be reached.
As opposed to similar blessings like when one is called to the Torah (Asher Bachar Banu – G-d has chosen us), the
concluding blessing of Ahava Rabbah is Habochair Beomo Yisrael Beahavah – Blessed is G-d who chooses His
nation with love is constructed in the present tense. What lesson can be learned from this?
The Dovair Shalom explains that this underscores the eternal and unconditional love G-d has for His nation. It is
well known that the Gematria / numeral equivalent of the word Ahava = 13, is the same numerical equivalent of the
word Echad which means one but equals 13 also. This teaches that where there is love, there is oneness. It is
fascinating that 13+13-double love is equal to 26 – the numeral equivalent of the ineffable name of G-d i.e.YHVH.
Take Home Tip: The world is in a state of chaos and unrest. All people at their core crave love and to live in peace.
In Ahava Rabbah, we celebrate and acknowledge the love we share with G-d and the eventual peace He will bring
to His world.